Mimeo Digital’s New Multi-Content View Reinforces Knowledge

Provide a better content experience to your end-users with Mimeo Digital’s new multi-content view!

Published on 21 September, 2018 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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By Heath Cajandig, VP of Product

When you’re designing training materials to support your learners, you need an application that makes it easy for them to interact with your content in a flexible, intuitive manner. That’s why I’m excited to share how our latest update, Multi-Content View, provides a better content experience to your end-users.

What is Multi Content View?

When you share more than a single piece of content to participants and users, they will now have the ability to open multiple documents simultaneously. This will allow them to interact differently, including scroll independently, create annotations and take exclusive notes on each of these documents.

What content types work in Multi Content View?

Multi Content View applies to any file you make available to users through the Mimeo Digital online viewing experience. This includes videos for streaming or PDF files.

You can add any file type to the system. Video files will be streamable to learners and PDF files offer an online viewing experience. Other file types can be distributed as well and can be downloaded by learners, which is helpful for powerpoint templates or excel exercises, etc.

Do I need to turn on Multi-Content access as an admin?

There is no setting necessary from you as an admin. Of course, you must share multiple pieces of content to a particular user, which will allow them to use the new feature.

How does this impact my users?

Common use cases we’ve seen in beta include learners taking a test at the end of a training course with both the test and course content accessible on a single screen. We’ve also seen learners refer back to their annotations within that course content. Another common use case are learners watching a video while accessing lab worksheets made available to them on the topic. Frequently, learners take notes in the complementary lab worksheet, based on information in the video.

How does this functionality work for my user?

On the end user library home screen, there is now the option to select “View Multiple Documents”.


Clicking it allows your participant to select an additional piece of content to open.

Multi Content User Update 1

Note: When in multiple content view, the navigation for the document is side to side. Scroll left to right to browse through the document.

Clicking on the “View Single” button returns your user to the main document.

Multi Content User Update 2

Your users can take notes on each piece of content independently. The notes taken on an individual document remains attached to that respective document.

Multi Content User Update 3

Should I start thinking differently about my content as an admin?

This new feature enables you to design training materials that interact with each other, so you can provide your learners with a richer, more nuanced learning experience.

As with most of our feature updates, multi-content view arose from conversations I had with our customers about how Mimeo can continue to make it easier for them to deliver content. Thanks for sending your ideas my way, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!”

Heath Cajandig is Vice President, Product at Mimeo. With over 16 years of print industry experience, Heath has translated visions into award-winning products that delight users. His team shapes the technologies that give thousands of customers back their time by providing the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to print and distribute content to anywhere in the world.

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