7 L&D Lessons from ATD 2016 TechKnowledge

Mimeo exhibits at the Association for Talent Development for the 10th consecutive year. Here are our 7 L&D lessons from ATD 2016 Techknowledge.

Published on 26 January, 2016 | Last modified on 14 May, 2024
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ATD’s TechKnowledge conference is a great opportunity to meet with trainers, training program managers, instructional designers, and other industry insiders to discuss how technology can move L&D forward.

For example, one of Mimeo’s customers stopped by our booth to brainstorm how to preserve long-time employees’ on-the-job knowledge as they begin to retire and are replaced by employees without that experience.

A full week of content is impossible to replace, but here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing lessons learned at ATD TechKnowledge this year:

Mimeo at ATD 2016 TechKnowledge

You can also keep in touch with the ATD TechKnowledge participants with our list on Twitter or using the hashtag #ATDTK. To keep up to date on Association for Talent Development related news, follow them @atd.

As for us, Mimeo had a blast playing Plinko again and discussing our blended solution with everyone who stopped by. We look forward to next year!

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