Boost Employee Engagement with These 7 Ways to Work Out Loud

International Working Out Loud Week improves employee engagement and participation. Here are 7 ways you can participate in Working Out Loud.

Published on 7 November, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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What Is International Working Out Loud Week?

International Working Out Loud Week happens on 7-13 November, 2016. It was created to help increase organizational effectiveness.

But what is working out loud exactly, and why are people across the globe participating?

Most importantly, why should you join and what will it do for your company’s learning and development?

John Stepper who wrote the book Working Out Loud, describes it this way:

“Working Out Loud starts with making your work visible in such a way that it might help others. When you do that – when you work in a more open, connected way – you can build a purposeful network that makes you more effective and provides access to more opportunities.

We know new practices are best learned through experience and consistency of practice. Using a practice consistently is the way to iron out the kinks, to learn what works for you and to build new habits.”

For better employee engagement and participation, here are practical things you can do throughout these seven days:

1. Talk About Your Purpose

People are human and we all need reminders. The focus of your efforts during #wolweek should always support your purpose. Remind both your employees and your clients why it is that you started this particular work in the first place. What makes it worthwhile to you and them? Share your purpose on your social media page to remind others why you do this.

Benefits: You are reminded of why you started your work in the first place, and you get to remind others, too.

2. Connect with Others Who Share Your Passion

After voicing your purpose out loud, you’re likely to find others who are interested in your work, because they share the same passion. Interact with them. Check out groups that they are a part of or invite them to your social media networks. Follow them on Twitter or retweet their posts. This is all about making connections, whether virtual or real-life ones.

Benefits: Connections lead to collaborations.

3. Contribute Out Loud

Work Out Loud Week is all about generosity. How can you contribute to others whom you’ve now connected with? How can you help them serve their purpose, too? Brainstorm, then reach out to them.

Benefits: Great karma. By sharing your skills and giving what you can, you make others’ work easier. What goes around, comes around.

4. Talk About Progress

Perhaps your employees get overwhelmed with stress and problems. Maybe there are difficult challenges to overcome. Remind them of ways that the company is moving forward, and how their efforts contribute to this organizational success. Encourage them to keep going while welcoming their feedback.

Benefits: When you focus on positive progress, you get your team excited about ways to make it work even better.

Contribute with Others in International Working Out Loud Week

5. Voice Your Needs

How often do you admit your needs and ask for help or support? Can anyone in your network provide it? International Working Out Loud Week is about making deeper connections, so use this opportunity to request help from other professionals.

Benefits: By voicing your need for help, you allow others the chance to do their best work as well.

6. Celebrate Out Loud

Congratulate others openly. Specifically, name on your social media networks those who have been instrumental in getting you where you are today.

Benefits: When you take the time to truly appreciate others you are celebrating what makes our work and lives more meaningful.

You may find that after International Working Out Loud Week, you won’t stop doing these things. The benefits will be incredible. So feel free to repeat them again, if necessary!

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