3 Immediate HR and CRM Remedies for Company Data Fatigue

Company data fatigue (information overload) affects sales efficiency and lowers retention rates. Use these remedies to combat data fatigue.

Published on 21 November, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Curb Data Fatigue by Communicating Clear Goals 1

Company data fatigue, also known as information overload, is affecting everyone. With an ever-expanding arsenal of ways to collect data about customers and consumers, many companies are simply too overwhelmed by data to focus on their goals. As a result, both their sales efficiency and human resources (HR) retention rates may drop, and they become less effective at learning, research and development. This is why remedies that can be implemented immediately to combat data fatigue are vital.

1. Clarify Goals to Improve Your L&D Systems

Improving human resources learning and development systems means clarifying your company goals and tailoring your internal communications systems so that they relay the data-driven information that is essential to increasing sales efficiency. Data fatigue results in vague goal setting and uncertain action. With so many data points and number crunching software programs available, it’s rather easy to convince ourselves that business goals have been met. However, making it a priority to clarify company goals helps employees at every level of your business understand what they are working towards. Powerful HR occurs when everyone understands the shared corporate goal.

2. Communicate Goals Clearly to Create Strong Teams

“No man is an island,” as poet John Donne said. Clarifying corporate goals via effective communication systems cuts through the background noise of so much data and helps to create cohesive teams that sustain your brand’s identity. Teams form effectively when they pursue shared corporate goals. The result is a collective confidence that data collection and analysis is effective and meaningful.

Data fatigue can cause retention rates to drop3. Reduce the Amount of Data to Focus on Goals

Data fatigue for companies means just that: an overload of seemingly meaningless information that employees are expected to process effectively. We know from psychological and sociological studies that the collection of too much data actually leads to a breakdown in our cognitive ability to process information. When data fatigue is a problem in your company, your employees will be less productive and have lower morale because they’ll likely be confused about what goals should be met and why.

This means that many people may come into work no longer knowing what their role as a productive employee means. Reducing the amount of data being analyzed by adjusting data analysis strategies with a view to time-tagged company goals can revitalize teams and create renewed vigor within the workplace. Eliminating data fatigue means increasing HR retention rates, boosting sales efficiency, and optimizing company learning and development to create long-term business success.

In an age of accessible data, sometimes stepping back to a higher-level view brings one of more clarity.

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