How to Create Customer Service Culture To Keep Customers

Great customer service can make you stand out as the best choice among competitors. Learn best practices to create a strong customer service culture.

Published on 21 September, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Written by, Ian Pearson

Having an excellent customer service can really put you above the rest of your competitors when it comes to your potential customers making a choice. The fact is, customers will often remember how they were treated more than the product or service they received. Improving on your customer service culture will not only go a long way to help you retain your current customers, but it will also boost your reputation through the word-of-mouth type of advertising. Here are the best tips for you to create a great customer service and help you keep your customer loyalty at a high level.

Personalize It!

Don’t you just love going to a local shop and the cashier knowing exactly what you’re looking for? Or going to a favorite restaurant and getting wine recommendations based on your palate. These things come with experience, but it’s important to pay attention to details and to your customers. The more you know about them, the better your customer service will be. The more you notice your customers and respect their preferences the more likely they will be to come back. And your customers will value it. Not only will it affect their overall customer experience, but it will make a large impact on their loyalty towards you.

Customer Service Culture Should Consider Ways to Entertain Waiting CustomersConsideration

Small things really matter when it comes to a service culture. Helping your customers carry their bag, or waiting for them in front of the building. Treat your customers as you would treat your guests in your own home. They should feel welcome and happy when you’re around. Customers also like when they’re assisted by a manager or owner, so provide VIP treatment as opposed to delegating them to an employee. If you have elderly customers, always have someone help them out of the building, or anything else their age might require.

Waiting Room Entertainment

No one likes to wait. Period. But the nature of almost any business requires your clients to wait for their turn. Don’t let them get bored to death and leave, do everything you can to keep them there until they are admitted. Be polite, have an employee ask them if they’d like a cup of coffee or tea. Put some magazines out there, preferably ones about topics of interest to your customers.

Who says no to free perks? Make sure your waiting room is enjoyable, you can even go for a photo booth rental and place it inside the waiting room, so your customers can have some fun and stay occupied while they’re waiting.

Set an Example for Your Employees

Instead of announcing that your customers must be respected and treated in a certain way, go on and set an example for them. In fact, it’s most likely they won’t even have the same vision as you do when it comes to treating customers with respect, so the best thing you can do is actually show them. The first step towards this is for you to actually treat your employees with respect. If you don’t even know their names, how can you expect them to know your client’s names?  That’s why a good manager will always be a good role-model too. Your employees should see the positive impact your behavior and they should want to do the same things you do.


You want your customers to be blown away when they walk out of your front door. The way you treat them defines your business and directly influences how many loyal customers you get to keep and if they’re going to share their experience with people who might need your products or services. It’s not just about decency or keeping them entertained, but all these things combined make an excellent customer experience, one that will keep people coming your way and strengthen revenue. It doesn’t always need to be expensive or time-consuming, but does require a lot of charm and organizational skills. The better you treat your customers, the more likely they’ll be to stay loyal to your brand.

About the author:  Aside from primary area of interest and expertise in business consulting, Ian could be tagged also as a passionate sports fan, nature and photography enthusiast, always trying to keep up to date with tech innovations and development, with a particular interest in trying to master the fine art of Social intelligence.

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