How to Boost Your Print Newsletter’s ROI

There are many persuasive arguments for a business to reinstate older models of marketing such as a newsletter via direct mail.

Published on 30 September, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Newsletters have been pegged as an outdated method of marketing for obvious reasons. Many marketers believe that this day and age is all about quick, bite-sized information. Platforms usually reflect a similar notion, with tweets and Vines and Facebook posts dominating the marketing channels of late.

Yet, there are many persuasive arguments for a business to reinstate older models such as newsletters via direct mail. For starters, newsletters can create connections with readers. They evoke a more intimate interaction than the millions of marketing materials that fall into a customer’s inbox every day.

“Newsletters can create valuable connections with readers.”

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In fact, the sheer overload of emails consumers receive is a compelling argument in itself for direct mail newsletters. It is all too easy to deal with a cluttered inbox by simply clicking the “Select All” button swiftly followed by “Delete”, explained Entrepreneur contributor Craig Simpson. Physical mail tends to garner more attention from recipients. In fact, a study by Epsilon reported on by Simpson found that 77 percent of people immediately sort through their mail upon delivery. Moreover, 98 percent of consumers check their mail on a daily basis.

Combine this visibility with the intimacy of a newsletter and the investment is well worth your time. Customers love to feel like they are individually valued. Setting aside time each month to give a rundown of the latest industry news or highlight business stories that are individually addressed to each customer can work wonders.

As a result, businesses that deliver newsletters with industry insight often cultivate a more trusting relationship with their customers, noted Profit Guide contributor Jennifer Goldberg. When you create newsletter content that gives customers important knowledge regarding your niche, you are simultaneously positioning your company as a thought leader. Mimeo has helped effectively create and distribute impactful newsletters for businesses globally.

Tips For Creating Your Newsletter:

Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to engage your customers.
Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to engage your customers.

Newsletters are a great way to engage readers, enhance your business’s brand and stand out from the digital daze. But how do you create effective newsletter content?

Invest in Quality: When it comes to any paper document, you want to make sure your product conveys professionalism. A piece of limp computer paper is different than a sturdy paper stock, you should know the difference. Make sure your clients feel as though they are receiving a quality newsletter they’d like to hold when they open that envelope.

“Images and text go together like cookies and milk.”

“Images and text go together like cookies and milk.”

Keep it Short and Sweet: While newsletters are definitely more long form than your social media marketing efforts, this doesn’t mean you should send your customers a novel. Don’t scare them away from reading your letter by having long uninterrupted text. Create snackable paragraphs and bullet points. The more easily digestible, the better.

Spruce it Up With Imagery: Images and text go together like cookies and milk. Use whatever idiom you’d like, the truth is images and text complement each other well. Make sure you include some enticing images in the newsletters, whether it be a photo that reflects the content or a bold brand logo. Readers are naturally drawn to imagery – take advantage of it.

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