The State of Training Channel Partners [Infographic]

As a training professional, you may be wondering: Why don’t my partners click with my training? I’m here to help! But, the truth is that over 10 percent of channel partners named training to be their biggest pain point.

What other areas of the channel environment do partners feel is grievance? And how does this differ in regards to the challenges that channel training teams face?

Differing Challenges: Channel Partners and Channel Training Teams

Today, nearly 80 percent of companies use partner channels to generate income. And while some partners may not greet your training with open arms, training is essential to improving product knowledge, mindshare, and competency.

What’s more, research shows that the level of engagement with a training program is the key predictor of both partner loyalty and sales productivity.

Download our free infographic to learn the different challenges channel partners and channel training teams face, and how the training engagement helps to move the needle.

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