5 Great Print Ideas for Small Business Saturday

If you run a small business, Small Business Saturday is your biggest opportunity to boost sales and retain customers for the holiday shopping.

Published on 4 November, 2019 | Last modified on 4 March, 2023
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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the holidays are creeping up on everyone’s calendar. If you run a small business, this is your biggest opportunity to boost sales and retain customers for those shopping for the holidays.

Although Black Friday is considered the biggest shopping day of the year, Small Business Saturday is quickly becoming a large part of the holiday shopping season. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), last year’s Small Business Saturday drove nearly $18 billion in spending from 104 million shoppers.

For retail and non-retail businesses, it’s important to make sure your shelves are stocked and your staff is ready for the influx of customers. In addition, you should also be making sure shoppers are incentivized to come back sooner than next year’s Small Business Saturday, especially by providing them with information about your promotions and events.

To make this possible, here are 5 last-minute print ideas that can help shoppers remember your brand, even when Small Business Saturday ends:

Printed Flyers

For small businesses, an email list might not be a strong source for spreading the word on deals. Use your Small Business Saturday shopper volume to hand out promotion info and generate interest for future purchases.

For example, when a customer makes a purchase, you should be able to give them something more than just a receipt. Try printing out some flyers that can be kept by the register and put in bags after purchase. These flyers can include information about upcoming sales that are happening in the next few months.

Printed Posters

Similar to the previous idea, printing professional-grade posters will help show off upcoming events and promotions. Since advertising budgets are normally quite small, using posters for this type of information helps save on costs while telling customers why they should shop at your business again.

Putting emphasis on posters within your store(s) can potentially enhance the volume of shoppers that attend your events or take advantage of your deals.

Small Business Saturday

Printed Newsletters

Get creative with your content by choosing some featured products to include within a monthly newsletter. For this idea, you don’t even have to emphasize deals or promotions in your business. Instead, use a newsletter to discuss new products and what they can do for customers.

Take this idea one step further by partnering with other small businesses within the newsletter. By including contact information for other businesses, yours will demonstrate a commitment to the local economy and help it generate more shoppers year round.


Put a personal touch on each purchase by serving a Thank You note to your customers. Every time a shopper buys from a corporate brand, their transaction ends with a receipt. Small businesses have the advantage of offering a more individualized experience, which is why they must go above and beyond.

Sending personalized postcards to shoppers after their visit will confirm why they decided to shop small in the first place. Don’t limit postcard distribution to just the customers that make a purchase that day. Instead, thank all your customers for shopping small all year long.

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Promotional Products

Speaking of impressions, giving out promotional items like SWAG is a great way to help customers remember your brand. According to Jet Marketing, 87% of consumers keep promotional products for over a year, meaning these items can leave an impact on shoppers long after they’ve made a purchase.

Whether you choose an item like branded tote bags or portable phone chargers, make sure your business hands out something that will be used by your customers. Items such as these can become the differentiator between one-time customers and regular customers.

Overall, Small Business Saturday is not just about sales, discounts, and promotions. It’s an opportunity to tell customers about your business. Creating special experiences and adding a personal touch for those that help your economy is something corporate brands cannot match.

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