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6 Tips to Optimize the Proposal Process for Winning RFPs

Need help managing your content for RFPs? Get started by learning 6 key virtues that can improve your proposal creation process.

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Why Collaborating Helps You Win More RFPs

Recently, proposal experts shared how important it is to collaborate. Here are their tips to win RFPs.

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When to Bring in an E-Learning Provider from Diane Elkins

Diane Elkins (Artisan E-Learning, E-Learning Uncovered) shares how to help corporate learners achieve more & when to bring in an e-learning provider.

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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes On Your RFP Response

Don’t let the hard work of your sales and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) be for naught. Here are the mistakes to avoid on your RFP response.

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How to Ensure Your Proposal Content Actually Gets Used

Marketing, sales enablement, and sales teams create a lot of content. Here’s how to ensure the right content is included in your next proposal.

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The Importance of the Pink Team in the Proposal Process

Color-coded proposal reviews are an accepted industry practice. Learn how the Pink Team is essential to a bid’s success and ensures compliance.

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6 Tips for Your Next Proposal Presentation

Shortlisted after submitting a proposal? Use these tips to create an effective proposal presentation and better align sales and proposal teams.

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How To Solve 5 RFP Challenges [Infographic]

Research shows that RFP and proposal teams share common pain points. This infographic offer solutions to answering these proposal team challenges.

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Proposal Automation: Let Your Content Library Work for You

Content libraries can help drive proposal automation. Here are a few best practices to let your content library work for you, not against you.

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How to Effectively Use Proposal Graphics in Your RFP

A proposal’s message can get lost in long content. Learn how to use supporting proposal graphics and make it easy to understand your message.

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5 Print Horror Stories Mimeo Helped Solve

Mimeo is known for saving time and money for its customers. See how Mimeo helped solve printing problems in these 5 print horror stories.

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Top 11 Content Creation Tools to Start Using Today

Mimeo compiled a list of the top 10 content creation tools for creating relevant content, designing visual content, and for editorial reviews.

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8 Common Challenges When Writing Proposals

Here are 8 challenges you can’t avoid when writing proposals, and ways to overcome these challenges.

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The Anatomy of a $10 Million Request for Proposal Response

A response to a request for proposal (RFP) consists of a number of complex components to manage. Learn how in this blog from Mimeo.

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How to Build the Best RFP Team

RFPs are a crucial business practice with many moving parts. Here are the main team roles and some RFP best practice tips.

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