Mimeo Announces Season 2 of Secret Society of Success, a Podcast for Corporate L&D Professionals

Mimeo has announced season two of their podcast, The Secret Society of Success: Lessons and Inspiration from Corporate L&D.

New York, NY – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, has announced season two of their podcast, The Secret Society of Success: Lessons and Inspiration from Corporate L&D.

the secret society of success mimeo podcast

The Secret Society of Success podcast series is designed to provide practical takeaways and inspiration for learning and development (L&D) practitioners at all levels. For the second season, the podcast’s social media audience chose the topic of learner personas. 

Over the course of four episodes, host Tom Moriarty (SVP of Strategic Accounts at Mimeo) will interview L&D leaders, instructional designers, and experts on buyer personas and user personas. By the end of the season, listeners should have a better understanding of what a learner persona is, how to build it, and most importantly, why personas are crucial to effective L&D strategies. 

“By taking an interdisciplinary approach, we hope that our L&D listeners learn some hard-won lessons from their counterparts in marketing and product design about how to use personas to earn more credibility with learners and business partners alike,” says Moriarty. “This season is for L&D leaders as much as it is for instructional designers. I’m excited for our listeners to tune in to this season.” 

“For the past two decades, Mimeo has stayed in lock-step with training professionals as they develop manuals, worksheets, evaluation forms, videos, audio, elearning, and more. We are proud to further the conversation around learner personas with this season of The Secret Society of Success podcast,” says Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo Business. 

Listen to the first episode of season two, an interview with Danielle Wallace (CEO and Chief Learning Strategist, Beyond the Sky), here

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