5 Print Horror Stories Mimeo Helped Solve

Mimeo is known for saving time and money for its customers. See how Mimeo helped solve printing problems in these 5 print horror stories.

Published on 28 October, 2016

Mimeo’s customers often mention the amount of time we give them back in their lives. However, there is a lesser known side of those stores; the frightening processes in place before these customers partnered with Mimeo to print and distribute their content. These are not for the faint of heart. Read at your own discretion.

1. Retailer Faxing Handwritten Orders (in 2016) 

In order to distribute printed and warehoused items to its store locations, a major retailer manually wrote on order forms and then faxed them to a warehouse, with no visibility into inventory levels. The antiquated process took up to 1.5 weeks and included unnecessary phone/email correspondence, manual order tracking and terrifyingly low levels of support.


2. Vendor Sends Error-Filled Manuals to Incorrect Customer: Blackbaud

“They would give us blank pages in our documents, do the tabs incorrectly, or even send materials to the wrong customer. We always felt like they just weren’t listening and they were making us look unprofessional,” said MaKeva M, Operations Manager at Blackbaud. This made a poor impression on their customers, frightening to any company.


3. Full Workdays Spent Assembling Binders at Desk: Siemens

“It would normally take me a full workday to put 10 binders consisting of over 70 documents together,” said Chris S. – Siemens PACS RFP Manager. For a team that oversees the proposal for the medical division, accounting for 12 percent of the company’s total sales, this was a costly problem. The RFP team responsible for producing materials that win critical business for Siemens Medical needed a better way.

4. Employees Standing in Front of Printers 30% of Time – Motorola Solutions

“Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should,” said Dawn Apple, referring to the ghoulish amount of time that her North American Proposal team at Motorola Solutions spent producing RFPs internally. The office printer consumed time that could otherwise be spent producing revenue winning proposals.

5. Haunted Warehouse Filled with Outdated Materials: Parker Drilling

Parker Drilling’s Safety Training Team had a time and cost intensive document process, involving pre-printing and warehousing. Turnaround time for the delivery of documents could be as long as 10 days, creating significant business challenges. Their team was left with a haunted warehouse filled with out-of-date classroom materials as a result of their pre-print & warehouse model.

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