Blackbaud became unhappy with the inconsistent and mediocre quality of their training documents consumed by their customers. Their print vendor just couldn’t meet their rigorous demands for flexibility and quality. Blackbaud provided customized training which made the process even more time consuming and wasteful.

“They would give us blank pages in our documents, do the tabs incorrectly, or even send materials to the wrong customer. We always felt like they just weren’t listening and they were making us look unprofessional.”

  • Time consuming and wasteful process
  • Inability to update content to meet customized needs
  • Poor customer experience & impression


Mimeo allows Blackbaud to create high-quality customized manuals for every client in a matter of minutes. All Blackbaud has to do is pull the appropriate sections for each manual to create a client specific version. “This is a huge cost savings for us, and it impresses the customer that we can deliver it the very next morning”.


Blackbaud loves having the ability to proof their documents online in their Mimeo account, right down to the tabs and covers. “Mimeo allows us to be responsive and efficient for our customer’s sake - and our bottom line.”

  • Operations Team is able to deliver superior printed communications to customers
  • Unique documents for customers built and ordered in minutes
  • Real-time pricing tool is “like a built-in check-and-balance system for us”

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