Print on Demand Printers:

Because quality is such an important issue, you should always research the print on demands printers and find out what type of processing system they use. You may be surprised to learn some online vendors actually do not process their orders at all, but rather ship them out to third-party providers who do the copy work. This can lead to problems if you are not satisfied with the results. At Mimeo, we do our own work, in our own production facilities. Our production technicians are highly trained and they always abide by a strict set of quality control procedures that ensures every job is done right. Their constant monitoring of the process has led to our incredibly high error-free rating of 99.6 percent. This rating is 20 percent higher than the industry average.

While other print on demand printers may use low quality processors in order to maximize their profits, we do not. Mimeo produces every document on our in-house latest processing systems. This advanced pressing system is known around the world as one of the most sensitive and accurate systems in use today. It produces exceptional color accuracy and images are simply stunning when they come out of the system. Text and other graphics are crisp and clear.

You may find that other online print on demand printers stop at copying. They may not have the other services that you need in order to make your work easier and more manageable. At Mimeo, we have online tools such as our document builder to help you design your own documents and manage them from start to finish. We have the shipping options that make it easy for you to get your documents where they belong. We also have special services such as warehousing your projects or kit preparation of projects. And this is only the beginning of the services we offer.

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