Print on Demand Books:

Business owners of all sizes often find that offset companies will require a large order before they offer their discounted prices. This can result in business owners having to buy more than they need, and this can lead to having obsolete materials taking up valuable office or warehouse space. It also leads to higher costs for the business as they are purchasing items that they do not need. These same documents, bought at a premium, will become out dated and useless over time. With Mimeo’s print on demand books solution, you can order documents in any quantity—even one. You have full control over your own document management process and you can easily customize all of your individual documents.

Using our solution, you can dramatically reduced waste and immediately begin to save money. You are not required to purchased or order a large number of documents that you do not need and will not use. Our solution eliminates the need to warehouse or throw out unused documents, making us a “green” solution.

The Mimeo online platform is powerful and intuitive and yet easy to use. Mimeo works directly with the software on your computer to produce and bind documents when you order and ship them to anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. We also provide unlimited online document storage, smart document management solutions, and even services like integration with your corporate Intranet.

With Mimeo, you get superior printing as a result of our rigorous quality assurance process, plus 24/7 customer service. When we say your satisfaction is guaranteed we mean it. Our error-free rating is 99.6 percent and that is 20 percent higher than the industry average.

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