Book Online Printing: has been in business for a long time, and during that time we have invested heavily in being able to offer writers and businesses the services that they need in order to get the best results when they are looking for book online printing services. Some of the features and services that we offer include:

The Mimeo Document Builder: Our document builder is free to use. This program allows you to upload your graphic files or your text files easily and quickly. You can upload files from such popular programs as Word or Excel. Once the files are uploaded, you can begin to create your publication and customize it as you like. You can add images, tables, tabs, and layout your pages as you see fit. While the program is very powerful and able to handle virtually any task that you wish it to do for you, it is also easy to use. Our video tutorial is also available for those who are new document builders.

Print On Demand: When you are looking for a vendor for your book online printing work, keep in mind that some vendors will require you to purchase a certain number of copies before they give you the best price. With Mimeo, you can use our print on demand service which allows you to order only the number of copies that you need right now. With your files saved in the document builder, you can easily come back and order more when the need arises. This is one of the most effective ways to save money on your project as you do not have to order more copies than you need at any given time.

Quality: At Mimeo, every document that we produce from brochures to novels, are done on our world-class processor that delivers sharp images and clear text. Because we only use this system, we can stand behind all of our production work.

But these are only a few of the many services that we offer you when you are looking for book online printing vendors. We can also set you up with your marketplace, we can ship your orders for you, and we can even kit or warehouse your projects.


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