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3 Ways Learner Personas Improve Learning Outcomes

3 key ways that developing and using learner personas help to improve instructional design and delivery.

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What Are Learner Personas and Should You Use Them For Your Training Program?

Building a new training program? Don’t depend on assumptions or post-training feedback. Learner personas can help build great training programs the first time.

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4 Tips for Creating Learner Personas

Training isn’t one-size-fits-all. Here’s how to create learner personas to improve the success of your learning sessions.

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5 Tips for Increasing Learner Engagement in Hybrid Learning

When conducting training online, offline, or both, use these tips to increase learner engagement in hybrid learning.

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3 Reasons Digital Rights Management Matters for Training

Here’s how to protect your intellectual property during digital training sessions or when sending out digital content. 

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What We Learned About Hybrid Learning from the Secret Society of Success 

We spoke to five corporate learning experts about hybrid training. Here’s what we learned.

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3 Takeaways from Hybrid Learning: Why We’re Talking About it Now

In our new podcast The Secret Society of Success, we talk with Ann Rollins of The Ken Blanchard Companies about what hybrid learning is and why it is important now.

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3 Predictions for Self-Guided Learning in 2022

With self-guided learning on the rise, here are three predictions for how corporate learning professionals need to adapt.

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How to Choose the Right Modality for Your L&D Strategy

Corporate training involves dozens of learning modalities, including classroom, elearning, microlearning, and more. Find out how to choose the right one for your program with this blog post.

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The Ultimate Guide to Adapting Your Training for Hybrid Learning

Everything you need to know about what hybrid learning is and how your team can make the most of it.

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5 Tips for Managing Remote Learners

Stay agile and better manage your remote learners by implementing these 5 tips and best practices.

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How to Know When to Hire a Training Vendor

Training vendors are your secret weapon. Here’s why, and how, to choose the right partner for you.

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3 Ways Hybrid Learning Benefits Both Learners and Instructors

Ever since the pandemic required nearly every workplace to accommodate remote workers, employee training plans converted from in-person workshops to combinations of virtual sessions, face-to-face classrooms, and asynchronous modules. 

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Why Blended Learning Is Here to Stay

Blended learning is here to stay. Here’s why it is so powerful and how you can incorporate it into your 2022 plans.

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Guidelines to Returning to Face-to-Face Classroom Training

From health screening and hand sanitizer to social distancing, there are several solutions to safely reopening for in-person training.

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