5 Tips for Increasing Learner Engagement in Hybrid Learning

When conducting training online, offline, or both, use these tips to increase learner engagement in hybrid learning.

Published on 27 July, 2022 | Last modified on 8 March, 2023
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Hybrid learning, sometimes used interchangeably with blended learning, is a teaching method that gives learners the choice to utilize online instruction, face-to-face activities, or both in their educational sessions. Blended learning specifically uses both online and offline methods, while hybrid learning environments give learners the opportunity to choose which works best for them.

Having the ability to learn virtually as well as in-person has been a proven method of instruction in the classroom — you may have experienced a hybrid course if you were in school starting in the early 2000’s — and has evolved over the last couple of decades to be a major force within the workforce as well. 

Trainers of all levels, from managers at mom and pop stores and restaurants to leaders in international corporations, have found that the blended learning environment has been successful in increasing learner engagement across the board. Workers know their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone when it comes to learning styles, so by giving them the choice of online learning, offline instruction, or both, can increase engagement among trainees. 

When trainers create a hybrid learning environment, they can ensure content is reaching their audience in the most productive manner available to each individual.

If you need to start increasing learner engagement, whether in a blended or hybrid learning environment, here are five tips to consider when building your training sessions. 

1. Know Which Materials to Use and When 

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Watching a pre-recorded video while sitting in a room with fellow learners can feel like a waste of time. Instead, use face-to-face opportunities to have discussions, participate in activities, and give individualized feedback and support. 

Let your hybrid learners watch pre-recorded lessons and complete worksheets virtually, so they can complete it on their own time. 

Engaging blended learners this way makes the time spent in-person more valuable and can help with increasing learner engagement. 

Trainers can utilize various different digital content distribution platforms to make the remote learning side of hybrid learning easier to manage for trainees. For example, Mimeo Digital boasts a user-friendly app for end-users to be able to engage with and download content, all within a secure environment for your proprietary documents. 

2. Invest in Quality Digital Content Distribution Services

When you’re worried about increasing learner engagement in a remote educational environment, having a streamlined way to upload, manage, and distribute content is key to having solid learner engagement during digital training. 

Make sure you work with a top-quality digital content distribution software. By choosing one of these platforms to be your partner when engaging all of your hybrid learners, you can simplify having your content organized and distributed on digital platforms. 

Trainers choose to work with Mimeo as their digital content distribution strategy, thanks to its ease of use for both themselves and their learners. The Mimeo Digital platform reimagines digital content distribution to provide a simple learner experience and improve engagement through collaboration-forward tools, like group notes. 

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3. Update Training Materials 

While repetition can be key in improving one’s skills, it can also be, well, a bit boring and decrease remote learner engagement. 

To increase engagement in a hybrid learning environment, keeping the content fresh can be a useful tool for your training. Whether that’s updating existing materials or adding new types of content to the training manual, consistently updating your training content will likely increase engagement amongst your hybrid learners. 

The Mimeo digital library makes it easy to upload, remove, and edit all of your training materials in real time, for all of your learners — whether online or in person. Not only that, within the digital library, you can change permissions and sharing capabilities for all of your content. 

By actively distributing digital content in real time, you can expect higher learner engagement and understanding of the content.

4. Keep Track of Trainee Outcomes

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When using the right digital content distribution platform, you can track engagement among all of your learners. By monitoring the information like downloads, number of lessons completed, and the amount of time spent studying, trainers can manipulate their digital content to remove negative experiences and improve overall engagement. 

When using Mimeo Digital, you’ll be able to understand how hybrid learners are interacting with your content as well as its effectiveness. Plus, you’ll be able to report back to your manager about the ROI you’re getting with analytics and reporting

5. Make Collaboration Easy 

One of the most difficult aspects when it comes to hybrid learning is encouraging collaboration. But it’s an important step in increasing learner engagement, so be sure to choose a digital content distribution platform that makes it effortless for both remote and face-to-face learners to collaborate with one another. 

Mimeo Digital is one of those digital content distribution services that simplifies collaboration between learners and administrators. Several tools within the Mimeo Digital app help to increase audience participation, like group notes, comments, and signatures.  

Kickstart Higher Hybrid Learning and Start Increasing Learner Engagement on Mimeo Digital 

Are you ready to start increasing learner engagement among your hybrid users? Sign up for a Mimeo Digital account and see how much more engaged your learners are. They’ll get access to your digital content library via the Mimeo Digital App where they can access content, take notes, and engage with other learners. 

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