3 Reasons Digital Rights Management Matters for Training

Here’s how to protect your intellectual property during digital training sessions or when sending out digital content. 

Published on 22 July, 2022 | Last modified on 7 April, 2023
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Cybersecurity breaches have become so commonplace, that many of us don’t even blink an eye when we get an email saying our email has been compromised. We just change our passwords and move on.

But what about those whose careers depend on the success of their proprietary teachings? Using digital rights management for content distribution can keep your intellectual property secure, prevent unauthorized usage, and protect against security breaches among learners. 

Whether you work for the CIA, are a consultant for e-commerce sites, or anything in between, security matters. Here are three reasons why you should be using a digital content distribution platform that prioritizes security and gives you better control of your digital rights management.

1. Protect Your Intellectual Property

Maintain your intellectual property and the integrity of your digital training by utilizing a digital content distribution system that prioritizes IP security. 

Using training software that includes security features like watermarks, access licenses, and an access control system for digital content distribution, you’ll prevent anyone from altering your content and passing it off as their own. 

For example, Mimeo Digital is chosen by Fortune 500 companies to protect their IP because of its dedication to security. Intellectual property is specifically protected by Mimeo Digital thanks to its use of a watermark — no one will be able to pass off your digital content as their own.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Usage 

Trainers make their living selling access to their courses — if unauthorized users were able to get their hands on your content, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. 

Actively distributing digital content in a secure platform, like the Mimeo Digital App, can help prevent wandering eyes from getting a hold of your training documents. This digital content distribution software protects your content from uncontrolled downloading and redistribution. Plus, you’ll be able to keep control of it all through administrative tools that manage access authorizations for users.

3. Prevent Security Breaches Among Learners 

When you keep your content organized and distributed on digital platforms, you need to be mindful of overall security — not just your IP. Digital content distribution services have access to information on yourself and your users including emails, addresses, and other identifying information. 

That’s why part of your digital rights management and content distribution strategy should include using a digital document-sharing platform that uses high-level security to protect your and your clients’ information. Some of the top companies in the world rely on the Mimeo Digital library to share content with their learners — and security is always one of their top priorities. 

Instead of haphazardly emailing your content to learners, lean on a digital rights management platform to maintain security and protect your intellectual property.

Utilizing Mimeo Digital for Your Digital Rights Management

Mimeo Digital, the world’s first Content Distribution Platform (CDP), is the best way to manage your content and have it safely distributed to your learners all around the world. When you use Mimeo Digital, you have complete control over who gets access to your training materials, when they can get access, and for how long they will be able to open and engage with your content.

For both learning and development teams and training firms, our Content Distribution Platform is the first line of defense against the unauthorized usage of proprietary materials — including printing, forwarding, and more.

Plus, you’ll have access to all the benefits of Mimeo Print, which has been printing top-quality training materials for more than 20 years.

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