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[Webinar] Using Digital Content to Give Learners Control

Learn how do to leverage different content modes to personalize your L&D program with digital content and more in this webinar from Mimeo.

How to Use Digital Content to Give the Learner More Control

45 minutes + Q&A

Digital content makes it easier than ever to personalize the workplace training experience. With the convergence of media on the internet, you can provide video, audio, and text modules all within one course. But how do you leverage these different content modes to personalize your L&D program?

Join Jonathan Halls, author and digital media specialist, for this 45-minute webinar to learn what kind of content is best suited for video, audio, and text and how to use this to personalize your courses.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Overview of how to create content for each mode
  • Understanding of different content platforms
  • How to use digital content to personalize courses

Watch this webinar now!

Jonathan HallsAbout Speaker Jonathan Halls

Jonathan Halls is an author and specialist in the areas of digital media and talent development/training. He was formerly a learning executive at the BBC in London. For most of his career he has been involved in organizational change either in the capacity of leading it or helping others facilitate it.

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