These digital storage products enable you to compactly store significant quantities of content and data – CDs up to 700MB, standard DVDs up to 4.7GB and USB flash drives up to 4GB and higher.


USB Flash Drive devices easily store, carry and transfer files, and can be branded with your logo or message. USB flash drives are great for promotional giveaways, catalogs, software , music distribution and more. we offer a standard 10-day turn, but rush jobs, as fast as 2-3 days are available by calling us. We offer only options starting from 512MB to 4GB. Custom case types are also available by contacting us. Start a Project >


Mimeo offers 1, 2 & 5-day CD and DVD duplication and 8-day CD & DVD replication services. Disc duplication refers to burning content on pre-manufactured blank CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. CD and DVD duplication is ideal for short run disc production or when you need discs very quickly. Disc replication, also known as “pressing”, is the manufacturing of custom CDs or DVDs directly from plastic and other raw materials. Disc replication is ideal for larger run jobs, generally starting at 500 units. Start a Project >


Mimeo offers a wide variety of CD and DVD packaging, including standard jewel and DVD cases and printed jackets and digipaks. We offer full color printing on all disc packaging at no extra charge. Start a Project >

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