Online Printing Services:

At Mimeo, we do things a little differently. We offer our clients a huge range of products. From posters to Power Point presentations, we have the products that you need. We understand that even small orders are important to those who need them. Our staff is composed of highly skilled technicians who know how to get the job done, using some of the most advanced technology available. Our error-free rating stands at 99.6 percent, which is 20 percent higher than the industry average. We are dedicated to quality and economy. When you are looking for online printing services make sure that they have the systems, products, and tools that you need in order to get the most out of your investment. Mimeo has those systems and tools. Our online print on demand platform is one of the most powerful, yet easy to use, systems on the Internet. Using this application you can create, edit, and even ship your order through Mimeo.

Our print on demand platform also allows you to order only the number of items that you need. There are no minimum requirements with our online printing service. This is a real money-saving benefit that many of our current and past customers have enjoyed. Not only do they save money by not having to buy more than they need, but they also save money because they do not have to pay for unneeded storage space.

In addition to our print on demand platform, we also offer our customers shipping options that are the envy of the industry. Not only can you produce your items with Mimeo, but we can ship them out for you to your intended destinations. We have a large list of shipping options, including overnight. In many cases, we can even save you money on FedEx shipments. Our shipping department is dedicated to accuracy and to getting your order out the door on time, every time. For many of our valued customers, this time-saving option is very beneficial as they no longer have to hire personnel to do this work for them.

As your online printing services provider, Mimeo has the tools and the products that you need. Whether it is for business or for personal needs, we can fulfill your order to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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