Mimeo Digital Celebrates 1,000,000 Training Courses Redeemed Globally

Mimeo Digital is celebrating 1,000,000 training courses redeemed by 600,000 learners in 240 countries and territories. 

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New York, NY –  Mimeo Digital, the first easy-to-use courseware distribution platform, is celebrating 1,000,000 training courses redeemed by 600,000 learners in 240 countries and territories. 

Mimeo Digital is the award-winning courseware distribution platform (CDP) from Mimeo. Designed specifically for training service providers, Mimeo Digital makes it easy to share PDFs, audio, video, and other essential courseware content on a user-friendly app that protects course materials from piracy. 

“For over twenty years, Mimeo has supported training service teams with high-quality on-demand print. When our customers began asking us how to put that same content in front of their learners digitally – without needing to redesign their entire courses or hire coding teams to make things mobile-responsive – we put together a task force to find a solution. From there, Mimeo Digital was born: the first courseware distribution platform that is designed for training services, not corporate training teams,” says David Uyttendaele, Chief Technology Officer of Mimeo. 

Recognized in 2017 by the training industry’s Brandon Hall Awards for a Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology, Mimeo Digital is disrupting the training software space by solving a need for teams that are training external learners. That includes boutique training providers, customer training teams, membership training at industry associations, and channel partner training. 

“Instead of patching together an LMS or a DRM file-sharing solution, Mimeo Digital offers training service providers with an elegant solution that is simple for their learners and secure for their intellectual property,” says Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo Business. “We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone because it reflects that our easy-to-use courseware distribution platform makes it easier for training teams to reach their learners.”

Find out more about Mimeo Digital here.  

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