Mimeo Digital Update

December 2022

Preview Exactly what your Learners Will See!

End-user preview for admin/coordinator during distribution creation/editing.
We have introduced the ability for admins and coordinators to preview the distribution before actually creating the distribution or while editing the distribution. Previewing the distribution allows the admins to see exactly what and how the end-users / delegates would see when they redeem the key.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Mark distributions as “Outdated.”
    Distributions can now be marked as “Outdated” from the “Distributions” page. This allows the admins to hide the older distributions from an ever growing list of active distributions which may cause confusion.
  • View entered Password text during login/reset.
    Admins and End-users/delegates can now view the typed passwords on the login, signup and password reset request page.
  • Updated document viewer on the admin portal
    The admins can view the content directly on the admin portal using the same viewer that the end-user will view. This is a way to check and ensure that the content is appropriately formatted and ready to be distributed to the end users/delegates. In the admin portal library, clicking on the content name opens up the document on a new tab.


September 2022

All new Content Distribution Workflow with New Features!

Enhanced distribution creation flow

Creating a distribution is an essential task for a training coordinator. And ensuring that the process is easy, quick, and intuitive while providing enough configurations and features is something the Mimeo Digital team strives for.

We are pleased to announce a revamped and enhanced flow with additional features to create and edit the distributions. This new flow consists of the familiar 3-step process that exists today, but we have updated the user experience to re-order the screens and provide additional features at each step.

At each step of the process, we have also added a few additional features:

  • Ability to set expiration dates based on the user’s respective key redemption date.
    This comes in handy when you want the expiry to be based on the key redemption date of the user rather than a fixed date for all users.
  • Cover images
    You can now upload and set an image as a cover image for distribution. This image will be visible to the end-user/delegate library.
  • Additional Reference Field
    You now have two reference fields that can be used as desired. This allows you to provide more information for the internal teams to identify the use of the distributions.
  • Automatically enable/disable the content.
    This release’s most important enhancement is the ability to enable and disable contents based on configurations automatically. Let’s say you want a delegate to access a certain document only three days after they redeem the key. This can be set in the “Enable on” field, and the document will only be opened on the 3rd day after key redemption. The “enable on” date is calculated for each user/delegate based on their respective key redemption date.Similarly, if you want to restrict the user to not open any specific document after a certain number of days post key redemption, you can set it in the “Disable After” field.
  • Add keys while editing the distribution.
    While editing the distribution, you now see the summary of changes made during the edit as well as an option to add more keys to the distribution if required.

All the above configurations are optional. Leaving the default values as-is while creating the distribution will create the distribution as it’s done today.

Enable/Disable Watermarks at the document level

While creating a new distribution or editing an existing one, the admin or coordinator can turn on or off the watermarks for individual documents. By default, watermarks are set as enabled for all documents. This is for the security of the documents. But in case the admins or coordinators feel that they do not need the watermarks for a specific document, they can choose to turn it off for that specific document.

Watermarks on downloaded PDF documents

From now onwards, downloaded PDFs will also have the watermarks on them (if the watermark settings are turned on at the org level).

If on the admin portal, Settings > Watermark is turned on, then if a PDF is allowed for download, the downloaded PDF will have the same watermark as displayed on the web-viewer (while viewing online).

Currently, this is only supported for PDF documents. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or other formats will continue downloading without the watermarks.


July 2022

More ways to Protect and Stamp Content to Support your Brand!

Configurable Watermarks
Watermarks gets their own menu under the Mimeo Digital admin portal. You will find more options to customize the watermarks as well as preview the watermarks under Settings -> Watermarks. You can choose what would be displayed as watermarks along with the text size, opacity, and color.


March 2022

Content Support for Microsoft Office Documents!

View Microsoft documents online
Until now, the delegates/learners/users had to download Microsoft documents to view them. This was not a good experience for the users, and it lacked security options for these document types. When you upload and distribute any Microsoft document type, you will now be presented with the same security configurations as the PDFs. And the users will now be able to view the documents right in the viewer without downloading them.


January 2022

Organize your Library Better!

Labels for documents
Searching for content in the admin library could be tedious and confusing with just the filenames. Adding labels to content makes the library organized and provides better search results.

The names given to documents are usually the ones that are relevant to the learners/end-users, but internally you may have a different name for the same document.

With the “Labels,” each file can now have additional information in the form of semicolon-separated terms used to identify each document uniquely. Labels are searchable in the library and while adding files to the distribution. You can add as many labels as you wish for each content.