Create A Key or Distribution Before Your Content is Ready (Mimeo Digital)

Sometimes, you need to create a key for your content before your content is actually done. For example, if you need to send your class instructions with the key to print before the final job aid is ready for upload. 

We’re working on a way to create keys in advance. In the meantime, here’s our official hack for creating a key without the content:

1. Figure Out How Many Pieces of Content Will Be In Your Final Distribution

No matter what, you’ll need to know how many documents you plan on distributing. For example, you may be planning on sharing three pieces with your users: a job aid, a video, and a copy of the class slides. After creating a distribution, you cannot change the number of content pieces, so be sure to get a full count before starting.

2. Create a Distribution With “Dummy” Content

Now, upload dummy content as a placeholder. You can name it something like “Job Aid – Temporary” or categorize it into a “Dummy” folder so you don’t lose track of it. 

Then, add it to the distribution and set up the distribution with your preferred settings. 

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Note: We recommend only using this method if you are creating a unique or shared key. If you choose a direct distribution, the dummy content will end up in your user’s library. A best practice is to include “Placeholder” in the title and first page so your user knows the content will be replaced.

3. Update With Your New Content

When your final content is ready, upload it to your library. Then, update each “dummy” document with your final content. This will automatically push the new content into the distribution.

It can take up to 15 minutes for all content to be updated. You can always verify which content has been replaced by choosing the “History” button from your main library.

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