How to Update or Replace Content After a Distribution (Mimeo Digital)

Sometimes, you need to update content that you have already distributed to users.

This article focuses on how to update content after you have distributed it to users. Check out this article for how to update content before you add it to a distribution.

Upload Your New File

Begin by uploading your new file. Once the file is available in your library, you can start updating it.


Update The Old File

Next, find the file you want to replace in your library. Click on the button that says “More,” and choose “Update.”


The updated file is now pushed to your users. They will see only the updated version and don’t have to take any further action. 

Once the content is replaced, it may take 15-20 minutes for all users to see the updated content. 

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Delete Your Old File

However, the old file remains unchanged in your library. Find it again in your library, click on the button that says “More,” and choose “Delete.” The updated version remains in your user’s library, even though you have deleted the original file from the library.


Finally, add your new file to its appropriate category.  

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