Managing Content with Sub-Categories (Mimeo Digital)

What are Sub-Categories?

Currently, Digital Administrators can create only one level of categories to manage their content. We have enhanced this feature so that administrators can create multiple categories that will not only help in organizing content better but will also make it easier to navigate to the content in specific categories.

How to Add Sub-Categories?

To add sub-categories:

Step 1: In Digital Admin, navigate to Settings, and then select Categories.

Digital+Admin+ +Settings+to+Categories+selection

Step 2: On the Categories page, the administrator can click the add icon and type the name of the category in the input box.

Digital+Admin+ +Categories+Page+ +Add+Buttons

Step 3: After entering a name for the category, the administrator can click anywhere outside the input box. A new sub-category is added!

How many Sub-Categories can be created?

Digital Administrators can create up to three levels of Sub-Categories under the main Library folder.

Can the Sub-Categories be renamed?

Yes. To rename or edit a sub-category:

Step 1: On the Categories page, the administrator can select the edit or pencil icon next to a category and edit the name of a sub-category.

Digital+Admin+ +Categories+Page+ +Edit+Buttons

Step 2: After editing the name, the administrator can click anywhere outside the input box and the updated name of the sub-category will appear. 

Can Coordinators Create Sub-Categories?

Only managers can create Sub-Categories in Digital Admin. However, coordinators can view sub-categories from the Library on the left-hand side menu and select any sub-category to view its contents. They can also organize content on the Library page by assigning content to one or more sub-categories.

Can the Sub-Categories be re-ordered in the categories tree?

Yes, the sub-categories can be re-ordered. On the Categories page, administrators can drag the categories up or down to change the order in the categories tree.

Can Sub-Categories be deleted? What will happen to all the categories created under it?

Sub-Categories can be deleted on the Categories page by selecting the delete icon next to each category. Deleting a category will delete all its sub-categories too.

Digital+Admin+ +Categories+Page+ +Delete+Buttons

What will happen to the content of deleted sub-categories?

When sub-categories are deleted, all content listed under those sub-categories also gets deleted. However, if a document is listed in more than one sub-category, then the document only gets removed from the deleted sub-category and will still be available in the other sub-categories where it is listed.

Is there a way all the categories can be closed or opened at the same time?

Yes. To close all the categories at the same time, the Collapse All button should be selected. To open all the categories with a single click, the Expand All button should be selected.

Digital+Admin+ +Categories+Page+

Can all the categories created on the Categories page be viewed in the library?

All the categories and sub-categories created on the Categories page can be viewed on the left-hand side menu under Library.

Digital+Admin+ +Sub+Categories+ +Left+Hand+Side+Library+View

They can also be viewed on all the Library pages, by selecting the Categories button under the Actions column.

Can content be removed from one category and assigned to a different sub-category?

Absolutely! Content can be assigned to specific categories by doing the following steps:

Step 1: From the left-hand side menu, navigate the categories, and select the specific category where the content is listed.

Step 2: Under the Actions column, the Categories button should be selected.

Digital+Admin+ +Library+Page+ +Select+Categories+buttons

Step 3: The check boxes next to the desired categories selected or deselected, followed by the Apply button.

Digital+Admin+ +Library+Page+

All the content will get re-assigned to the selected categories.

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