5 HR Trends to Watch in 2018 as You Consider New Hire L&D

HR professionals are constantly implementing new strategies and policies. Learn about five HR trends to watch in 2018.

Published on 19 December, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Watch out for these upcoming HR trends 1

As new policies, practices, and technologies emerge, HR professionals are constantly implementing new strategies in efforts to maintain an adequate balance between employees and employers in the workplace.

In 2018, this will be no exception as the field continues to adapt to the latest trends. Consider these five HR trends to watch in 2018:

1. More Remote Workers – And Opposition

In the last 20 years, the amount of telecommuting employees has grown to a staggering 37 percent of the workforce on either a full-time or part-time basis. This is a trend that will continue to grow in 2018, as there is expected to be one WiFi hotspot for every 20 people on Earth. Likewise, both employers and employees have recognized the immense benefits that come along with telecommuting.

Employees that are able to work from home have proven to be anywhere from 20 to 43 percent more productive than those who are restricted to the office. Additionally, telecommuting is more eco-friendly and cost-effective for both parties.

However, there is backlash towards this trend, which may contribute to this percentage eventually flattening. IBM announced that it would no longer allow several thousand employees to work remotely. Employees were presented with the options of either co-locating to one of the major cities IBM has offices in, or to resign.

IBM is attempting to foster more in-person collaboration and creativity; ironically after being one of the first major American businesses to pioneer the concept of working remotely decades ago.

2. Increased Communication

As seen in 2017, the employee experience will continue to dominate the HR field. This will lead to an increase in communication between employees and their employers. Employers are beginning to encourage more frequent communication with their employees in efforts to boost morale and increase productivity.

Increased communication is one of many new HR trends3. Faster Hiring Processes

In 2017, several states reaching historically low unemployment rates and the national rate reached 4.1 percent, the lowest in 17 years. With plenty of positions to fill, employers are acting fast to secure top talent. This means that methods such as video interviews are becoming more common and hiring decisions are being made much more quickly to avoid losing a potential employee to competitors due to scheduling conflicts or extended waiting periods.

4. Candidate Testing & Shorter Job Applications

Applications, resumes, and cover letters have been iconic in the world of hiring for decades. In 2018, however, the focus will shift from these items to more accurate and practical evaluations such as sample work tests which are believed to predict about 29 percent of an employee’s performance capabilities. While applications will still be utilized for the foreseeable future, they will become much shorter and focus solely on important information.

5. The Death of the Annual Performance Review

Performance reviews were designed to give employees in-depth feedback on their performance as a whole. The problem, however, is that they are only performed on an annual basis; delaying valuable feedback. Instead, employers are now offering real-time feedback to employees to maximize productivity and address concerns as they arise. A number of small businesses have already eliminated these reviews, and as we enter 2018, it is likely that large enterprise businesses will follow suit.

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