Why You Don’t Need LMS for Customer Training

LMS was not designed for customer training. So why use it to train your customers on a software?

Published on 15 October, 2018 | Last modified on 24 February, 2023

Customer training improves retention and reduces churn for software companies.

But when it comes to how to deliver your training, the choices can seem limited. The first few Google results for “customer training” are ads for Learning Management Systems (LMS). Yet for many customer-facing trainers, LMS is not the right fit for training an external population.

LMS Limitations for Customer Training

Most learning management systems are designed to deliver training to a large internal employee population. While this provides tracking and testing capabilities, it makes your training difficult for customers to access.

Moreover, LMS can provide a poor impression of your brand. In our State of Learning and Development report, trainers have reported for the past 3 years that poor end-user experience is one of their top complaints with the LMS.

They also report that LMS makes it difficult to update content. Training your customers on outdated features of your software? That doesn’t sound like a winning solution.

Alternatives to LMS for Customer Training

Whether your customer training is for onboarding, upkeep, or both, your customers need to easily access your content.

Help Center

Customer Training Help CenterFor on-demand content, many companies develop help centers. For example, On24 (a marketing webinar provider) hosts a searchable help center. Their library is chock-full of articles with both text and videos that explain how to use their software. At Mimeo, we have developed a database of articles in our own help center.


It is often helpful to provide leave-behind resources. This makes it easy for your learners to refresh their memory after the course. As a bonus, you can also personalize each workbook – like Blackbaud does – to provide higher value to your clients.

Mobile Content

When you are training customers on cutting-edge software, you need to provide a modern, mobile Customer Training Mobile Contentexperience to reflect your brand.

That’s why customer training teams partner with solutions like Mimeo Digital to house their on-demand training. Whether it is a video, lab, or digital version of the workbook, all you have to do is upload your final file, and Mimeo Digital will render it mobile-friendly.

LMS Is Not Designed for Customer Training

At the end of the day, LMS is not designed for customer training. You will be happier with a software that focuses on delivering training to external populations. More importantly, your customers will have a better learning experience.

Customer Training Learn More DemoReady to learn more about Mimeo’s content distribution platform for customer training? Click here.

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