A Branded Digital Learner Experience

About The Modeling Agency

The Modeling Agency, LLC trains and mentors organizations that are data-rich yet information-poor to advance their overall predictive analytic capability, results and impact. Visit them at www.the-modeling-agency.com.


TMA needed a client-facing platform that provides learners with an intuitive experience when accessing their training content.

The Modeling Agency needed:

A method to provide a digital training experience to clients’ end users
Protect its trainers’ intellectual property from unauthorized distribution
Maintain brand consistency across all customer-facing content
An easily customizable learner experience
Support for customer inquiries on accessing training

“If we’re not able to adequately brand across all of the client-facing platforms, it starts to feel like patchwork.”

– Eric A. King, President of The Modeling Agency, LLC


By branding Mimeo Digital’s platform with company logo and colors, TMA’s customers accessing training have a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

“Mimeo delivers a polished end product. We create the content, but how we package it makes a big impact. Mimeo Digital offers a lot of different options to create a fully professional presence for our clients.”

One, Unified Learner Experience

A consistent branded experience with Mimeo Digital throughout content engagement.

“Mimeo Digital makes it easy to apply our branding to establish brand consistency for an improved client experience.”

Reliable Customer Support

“I’m not available 24/7, but Mimeo is. When one of our clients has a question, they are able to interact directly with Mimeo. Their team is fantastic in addressing the question. Mimeo makes our client relationships better.” – Dorothy Wildman, Operation Manager

Intuitive, Yet Functional

“I don’t know how you wrap such a breadth of functionality into such a simple user interface. I’m in awe. It’s truly incredible.”

Robust Capabilities

“Mimeo Digital’s capabilities and feature set met TMA’s needs where other solutions fell short. We licensed other DRM systems, all of which had considerable limitations.”

A Valued Partnership

“We have already experienced what life is like without Mimeo and have no desire to go back.”

Bonus - Secure

“I can sleep well knowing that our highly valuable training content will not be distributed beyond our authorized customers who acquired the proper licensure.”

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