Need to Reach a Global Network of Learners? Use A CDP.

Whether your learners are spread out around the world or working across town, a courseware distribution platform will reach them all. 

Published on 23 November, 2022 | Last modified on 11 May, 2023
Courseware distribution platform reaches global audience

Do you have learners all around the world? 

If your work reaches beyond a home office, whether across states or oceans, you could be running into issues that normally wouldn’t affect local trainers. When you have a global network of learners, you need to handle your training distribution differently.

For corporations that have training programs for people in multiple cities, states, or even countries, utilizing a courseware distribution platform (CDP) can mitigate those risks and provide numerous benefits — from as simple as organizing content delivery to seeing a measurable increase in engagement among your learners. 

What is a Courseware Distribution Platform? 

A courseware distribution platform, or CDP, is a brand new type of service spearheaded by Mimeo Digital to make training programs more accessible and easy-to-use for both training organizations and their users. 

As an alternative to a learning management system (LMS) or digital rights management software (DRM), Mimeo Digital was designed for trainers to securely distribute their content to their remote, hybrid, and in-person learners. 

It securely delivers content, protects your intellectual property, tracks and analyzes content usage, and doesn’t require any software installations. Plus, it costs less. 

Benefits of Using a CDP With a Global Network of Learners

When you have a business that needs to reach your global network of learners, no matter where they are, there’s a lot that goes into it. It’s not just building the program and teaching the content — there’s logistics that need to be taken into account that local training organizations don’t ever need to think about. Here are some ways a CDP can help.

Eliminate Shipping Costs and Become Eco-Friendly

Your learners in London need manuals, but how much is that going to cost to ship from San Diego? A CDP allows you to digitally “ship” all of your content to your learners, without a single postman involved. You can choose who gets what content, and for how long they’ll have access. All without printing a single page on paper.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Mimeo Digital protects your IP with several security guardrails including watermarking, email assignment, disallowing printing and downloading, expiration dates, and locking your content within the Mimeo Learners app.

Give Your Learners 24/7 Support

When learners can access your content anywhere, at any time, the need for constant support becomes apparent. When you switch to Mimeo Digital, your global network of learners can chat with our support team 24/7. 

Easily Adapt to Any Learning Environment

As the workforce norm becomes a mix of in-person, hybrid, and remote, learners expect more flexibility than ever before.

By utilizing a CDP to manage your digital content delivery, you can easily upload your existing programs and optimize them for a remote audience. 

Learners can access content on any device, in any language, with or without internet, anywhere in the world.

Increase Engagement Virtually

When your learners aren’t in a classroom, engaging with them can seem impossible. But Mimeo Digital ensures you don’t need to sacrifice your instructor-led training, because ILTs are not only compatible with the Courseware Distribution Platform, they were part of the reason why Mimeo Digital was created in the first place. Other engagement tools include group notes, comments, and signatures. 

Mimeo Digital was created as the first easy-to-use Courseware Distribution Platform, to tackle one problem: securely getting training content to learners anywhere in the world, on any device. We’ve reached more than 600,000 users in more than 240 countries, and counting.

If you’re ready to help your global network of learners get up to speed quickly, get started with Mimeo Digital.

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