How to Be a Mimeo Superstar

In this on-demand session we shared tips and secrets for saving you even more time and making you a Mimeo Superstar.

Whether you are new to Mimeo or an old pro, you’ll learn something new when you watch this webinar.

Mimeo experts Shauna Tague and Rhonda Johnson shared their tips and secrets for making the most of your Mimeo Print and Marketplace accounts. Watch now to learn:

  • How to use special instructions for more complex documents
  • How to use custom fields to print individualized documents for your audience
  • How to get robust reporting on your content
  • How to customize your Marketplace
  • How to help your Marketplace shoppers be successful
  • Plus, bring questions to get immediate answers!

You’ll save even more time using Mimeo after you learn these tricks.

Watch now!