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Mimeo Digital

The First Easy-to-Use Courseware Distribution Platform (CDP)

Securely connect instructors and learners anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Easy, Secure, Global Content Distribution

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Deliver Training Content
in the New Normal

In a global, hybrid workforce, learners expect more flexibility than ever. Whether in-person or remote, Mimeo Digital delivers the content to your learner on any device, in their language, with or without Internet, anywhere in the world.
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Protect Your
Intellectual Property

Mimeo Digital protects your IP with several security guardrails including watermarking, email assignment, disallowing printing and downloading, expiration dates, and locking your content within the Mimeo Learners app.
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Control Your
Content Workflow

Work within any browser, or use our API to integrate directly into the existing class management system, CRM, or customer portal. Upload, assign, and manage content from wherever you’re working, whenever it is convenient for you.
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Offer 24/7
Support to Learners

Virtual training comes with enough technical risk. That’s why Mimeo Digital includes free 24/7 chat support to your learners.
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Transition to an
Eco-Friendly Model

Mimeo Digital is both eco-friendly and designed to stay within your existing print budget. You can meet your environmental goals by switching printed documents to digital content.
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Upgrade Your
Brand Experience

Whether your learners are on browsers or mobile devices, online or offline, the Mimeo Learners App seamlessly showcases your courseware content – be it PDF or Microsoft Office documents, video or audio files, ZIP files, and SCORM content.

Why Mimeo Digital?

When training is your product, your course materials are as valuable as your brand. Your training documents have to be as secure as they are easy to access.

That is why we created Mimeo Digital as the first easy-to-use Courseware Distribution Platform (CDP). To tackle one problem: securely getting training content to learners anywhere in the world, on any device.

When a file-sharing system like DropBox or Google Drive may not be secure enough, and when an LMS or DRM might be overkill, a CDP like Mimeo Digital is the perfect fit.

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Mimeo Digital In Two Minutes

We know you’re busy. And, our mission at Mimeo is to save you time. So, we’ve summarized what Mimeo Digital is, and how it does what it does, in this short two minute video. Have a look!

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Some of Our Clients

Mathworks SDN Pros Impact Performance Group BSI Priority Dispatch Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc
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Everything you need, and nothing you don't!

When a file-sharing system like DropBox or Google Drive may not be secure enough, and when an LMS or DRM might be overkill, a Courseware Distribution Platform (CDP) like Mimeo Digital is the perfect fit.
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