4 Strategies to Make Your Printed Proposal Pop

Printed proposals instill belief in the work that will be done and help foster trust. Learn how to make your printed proposal pop.

Published on 19 October, 2021 | Last modified on 31 March, 2023
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Are you looking to reach a deal with a potential client? Close that agreement with a quality printed proposal. 

Not only do printed proposals form the agreement between two parties, they can instill belief in the work that will be done and help foster a trust. Mimeo produces more printed proposals for United States businesses than any other company out there. 

With more than 1,000 document customization options to fit your preferences, Mimeo can build the best proposal for your company. But that’s only part of putting together a top-flight product. 

“Mimeo produces more printed proposals for United States businesses than any other company out there.”

Here are four ways to make your proposal pop. 

1. Build confidence in your client 

A proposal is not just a key document, it’s the opportunity to showcase what you offer. Do it right and leave potential clients feeling inspired by what they’re getting. 

Make an impression in your proposal by promoting your services properly or revealing the process that takes place. Highlight your offerings with word choices that build confidence. Use this proposal to ensure your potential clients become customers who trust in you

2. Be relatable 

Your business has been sought out for a reason. Understand the whys behind that and build your proposal so it’s catered to the customer. 

Maybe they are seeking your business out because another one cost too much or made it too much of a hassle. Build your proposal so it’s directed at the customer and reveals an understanding.  


3. Showcase simple 

By no means should your printed proposal read like the Magna Carta. Don’t overdo it and stress out your customers just by them opening the first page. 

Keep your proposal simple and to the point, outlining the products or processes involved while being straightforward with the costs. Present the necessary information while making it clear what a customer is receiving and how much it will cost.  

4. Make it stand out 

Ultimately, a printed proposal is like a resume for your company. Don’t sell yourself short with a poor product.  

Trust the work of Mimeo, which builds unique and quality proposals for countless companies – from small business to Fortune 500 corporations. Proposals from Mimeo will allow you to showcase your best side with preferences you desire. 

Let Mimeo build you a proposal that pops. 

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