4 Reasons Why Custom Flyers Can Make a Lasting Impression

Uncover one of the most effective marketing tools there is, custom flyers. Learn about the 4 reasons why custom flyers can make a lasting impression.

Published on 19 October, 2021 | Last modified on 1 May, 2023
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In looking to make an impression for your business, there’s perhaps no more effective marketing tool than creating custom flyers. Flyers are easy to create and proven as a prudent marketing resource. Whether they’re handed out or delivered in the mail, flyers can reach an audience and promote what your business is all about. 

Here are four reasons why you should utilize custom flyers to market your business. 

1. Flyers get noticed 

When that big stack of mail arrives, flyers stand out. In fact, a study by the Data & Marketing Association found that 57% of flyers are opened when they first arrive and another 20.8% are opened within a 28-day period. 

It’s because flyers are a powerful marketing tool that often instantly draws the attention of a potential consumer. When handed out at your next convention, flyers can provide a brief but comprehensive picture of what your business can provide. 

2. Get personal 

Just like a firm handshake, flyers can allow you to create a personal touch with potential customers. Hand out a flyer at your next convention and immediately relate yourself and your company to others. 

Flyers allow you to offer an elevator pitch or your company without saying a word, offering the details and descriptions while only offering a friendly smile. By utilizing custom flyers, you can help leave a lasting impression. 

3. Sleek design 

If customers are eager to read through your flyer, then make it count. Flyers allow the opportunity to fill from corner to corner and side by side what your business is all about. 

Mimeo offers more than 1,000 customization options that allow you to take full control of your flyer, designing every aspect to your preferences. Choose everything from gloss or uncoated finishes to custom or standard sizes. Make your flyers dazzle. 

4. Seamless  

Don’t stress out. Flyers make marketing your business easy. They’re simple to create, impactful with customers, and won’t break your budget. 

Why Custom Flyers Should Be Your Next Print Decision

Custom flyers can be a powerful tool for businesses to create a lasting impression on their target audience. The four reasons outlined in this article highlight the unique benefits of custom flyers, such as their ability to communicate important information, build brand awareness, and foster engagement with customers.

When it comes to creating impactful marketing, we must emphasize the importance of thoughtful design and messaging in creating an effective custom flyer. By using eye-catching visuals, concise language, and a clear call to action, businesses can ensure that their custom flyers stand out and resonate with their audience.

Overall, the use of custom flyers can be a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their products, services, or events, and to increase their visibility in their community. Whether used for direct mail campaigns, as handouts at events, or as part of a larger marketing strategy, custom flyers have the potential to make a significant impact on a business’s success. It’s worth considering their use as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Ready to get started on your next print project? Mimeo can help your business in a way that stands out with custom flyers. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to proof, print, and ship high-quality flyers fast — even as soon as the next morning if you need them immediately!

While some people worry about the impact of printing, Mimeo will help you with your sustainability goals by maintaining an eco-friendly printing process. This includes our zero-emissions printing facilities, 100% recycled paper options, and on demand print, which significantly reduces waste.

Get started on your flyers today!

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