Telling Your Company Story With a Brochure

Find out how to tell your company story in a brochure. This infographic shows you how to create an impressive brochure about your brand.

Published on 1 March, 2021 | Last modified on 3 May, 2023
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How many people know your unique company story?

It’s important to get the word out about how your organization was founded, who you are, and what you stand for. A printed brochure is a time-tested, proven way to present your company’s story.

We put together this infographic to show you, step-by-step, how to effectively tell your story with a brochure. Check it out below! Click on the infographic to enlarge.

Tell Your Company Story with a Brochure Infographic

We hope you enjoyed this infographic. Here are the key takeaways for creating an impactful brochure that connects customers and prospects with your story and brand identity:

  • Include the why, who, when, and how of your brand in your brochure copy
  • Make sure to have a distinctive cover that catches attention, and feature high-quality images and customer testimonials
  • Distribute your brochure at trade show booths, market tables, customer check-out counters, front reception areas, and your local chamber of commerce

And, keep in mind that having a brand story is vital in the current market – because it makes your business stand out and win out over your competitors. Robert Wallace, Partner and EVP of Marketing at Tallwave, explained it best in Entrepreneur magazine.

“Only storytelling and narrative structure are powerful enough to create loyal, raving fans who share your story with their networks. Let’s face it: There is most likely another company out there doing what you do or very close to it. They address the same problem for customers, have similar resources and, heck, they may have even beaten you to market.

Tell a good story and you’ll gain a fair advantage.”

Infographic Text: How to Tell Your Company Story with a Brochure

Your company story is a powerful tool. It explains the why, how, and who of your brand. It is crucial to connecting with your customers. Here is how to tell your company story using printed brochures.

1. Write Your Copy

Your company story is just that: a narrative. Your customer will respond emotionally if they identify with the story you tell. Be sure to include:

  • The inspiration behind your brand. What is your unique vision and mission statement? How are you different from your competitors?
  • Who started your company. What problem were they looking to solve? Why did they dedicate their lives to providing a solution?
  • What your brand stands for. What promise do you make to your customers? How do you deliver on a regular basis?
  • Customer reviews or testimonials. What do they like most about your services and overall brand experience? Why would they recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues?

Plus, don’t forget a clear call to action and your website, phone number, and social media platforms.

2. What to Tell Your Designer About Your Brochure

When it comes to designing your brochure, it is worth investing in a design that reflects the emotions behind your brand. Ask your designer to include:

  • A distinctive cover page that will grab attention
  • Colors and accents that tie into your brand’s values
  • Pull-out quotes to highlight your customer testimonials
  • High-quality images that are relevant to your brand

Don’t forget to discuss how your brochure will fold physically so that your designer can get creative about using those folds to tell your story.

3. When to Print Your Brochure With Mimeo

Printing your brochure is easy. Log into your Mimeo account, upload your design file as a PDF, and build it in the real-time preview. Once you place your order, we will print, folder, and ship your brochures wherever you need them.

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