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How Mimeo Helps L&D Teams Do What You Do Best

Watch this video to learn how Mimeo partners with L&D teams to save time and more efficiently deliver training content to your learners.

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The $3.5M Question: Train Your Sellers or Sales Managers?

In this session, we’ll cover the $3.5M question sales enablement and L&D teams want to know: train your sellers or your sales managers?

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The 6 Most Important Things to Boost Training Effectiveness

This on-demand session will teach you the six most important thigns you can do to increase training effectiveness.

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Moving From Flying Bullets to Instructional Animations

In this session you’ll see the transformation from text bullets to the instructional animations that led to an award-winning course.

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Mimeo Digital Demo

Through the lens of a small training company, we will show you how training teams use Mimeo Digital to distribute content.

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Bridging the Training Gap with Hybrid Learning

In this on-demand session we discussed how to bridge the gap between classroom and virtual training by using hybrid learning.

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Microlearning: Going Beyond the Buzzword

In this session, learn from our panel of learning professionals who have put microlearning to the test, and go beyone the buzzword.

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How to Handle Technology Trauma in the Virtual Classroom

In this on-demand session, we’ll explore the tips and tricks of savvy webinar presenters to help you avoid technology trauma in the classroom.

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How to Use Digital Content to Give the Learner More Control

In this session we explored what kind of digital content is best suited to personalize your courses and give tour learners more control.

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The State of Corporate Learning 2016

We interviewed 425 L&D professionals in 2016 to learn their thoughts on on the State of Corporate Learning. Watch now to hear what they said.

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How to Deliver Valuable E-Content

This on-demand webinar is packed with fun excercises that will help you remember learning objectives on how to delvier valuable e-content.

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Your Guide to Digital Learning Content

Watch this 2-minute video for a quick guide to digital learning, including the difference between types of learning technology.

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