How to turn on the “copy content” setting (Mimeo Digital)

When you want your users to be able to copy and paste portions of your content into their external notes, you’ll want to give them the ability to “copy content” on a file within each distribution. 

This tool allows end-users to copy your content on their PC, tablet, or smartphone. They can copy anything from a snippet to the entire document, and they can paste it anywhere they desire (so be sure to only use this feature when you are not trying to lock down your content). 

How to Set Up the Copy Content Feature

1) Start a Distribution

2) The “copy content” option will appear as a checkbox next to each file name. You can choose this setting for each piece of content, or you can select the box at the top to enable the copy setting for all files in this distribution.

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Keep In Mind:

  • If this is turned on, end users will have complete freedom to copy content from the entire document and paste where every they want. 
  • The feature cannot currently be limited to portions of a file.
  • This feature is not available for video or audio files. 

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