How to Add/Remove Content from a Distribution (Mimeo Digital)

With our latest feature, you can add and remove files from any existing distribution. When you’ve missed a file or added an incorrect one to a distribution, this function provides the help you need to fix any distribution!  

Here’s how to edit your distribution

Step One

Browse to the “Distributions” page on the admin portal.

Step Two

Click the “Edit” from the “Option” drop-down list.

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Step Three 

Start typing the name of the file that you would like to add, and then select the file from the suggestions.

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Step Four

If you would like to delete any existing file from the distribution, click on the “Delete” icon. (Note: Annotations and notes will also be lost if the file is deleted)

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Step Five

If you clicked the “Delete” icon by mistake and would like to revert that delete action, you can click on the “Revert” icon and the file will be reinstated.

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Step Six

Once you have added or removed files, click on “Continue.”

Step Seven

Finally, click “Finish” to update the distribution.

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Now you can check the Distributions page to see the updated files within your edited distribution. Your participants will see the updates when they log in next, or if they refresh their library page.

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Be sure to click “Finish” to save your settings. 

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