Adding a New Administrator (Mimeo Digital)

It’s easy to add another admin to your Mimeo Digital account.

Go to Settings

  1. Start by hovering your cursor over the settings tab on the left-hand navigation bar and click on the administrator’s button in the drop-down.
Screen+Shot+2017 09 12+at+2.40.35+PM

Go to Administrators

2. Inside the administrator tool, click on the “new administrator” button

Screen+Shot+2017 09 12+at+2.51.55+PM

Designate Admin’s Email

3. This will expose a text box. Click on the box and enter the email address for your new admin and click the “search” button.

If the user already has a Mimeo Digital Library account, the first name and last name will autofill in the boxes below. If the user does not have an account, you will need to populate the first and last name.

Screen+Shot+2017 09 12+at+2.54.18+PM

Select Admin Rights

4. Select the drop-down menu to choose which level of administrative rights you’d like to choose:

  • Manager – Full control and unrestricted access to upload, distribute content, revoke access to content, and view all reporting levels.
  • Coordinator – Ability to upload and distribute content within specific content categories.

Mimeo Vocab: Your administrative library is organized by categories. Find out how to set them up in this article.

If you are setting up a coordinator, select which categories they can edit by adding available categories from the left-hand column to the right-hand column.

Click Submit

5. Be sure to click “submit” to save your settings. Your new admin will receive an activation link to the email address you used to create their admin status.