5 Ways Warehousing Adds Value Back in Business Operations

It’s all about giving you back time.

Published on 31 March, 2017 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

As a consumer, people value convenience, speed, and price. These same values apply in operating the modern business. With the convenience of virtual offices and online shopping, it seems almost unfathomable to have to stop at an office supply store. Likewise, personnel left with the duty of stocking and shipping branded items or office supplies seek out quick, streamlined services.

Including warehouse items in your kit adds a lot of value to your Mimeo order. Warehousing is a bit paradoxical in the sense that warehousing with Mimeo eliminates the need for you to stock (or warehouse) inventory items yourself. Warehoused items include an assortment of branded and non-branded items like shirts, mugs, pens, books, or DVDs. Simply add warehouse items to a kit to create one unique packaged item and have it sent to its intended location. If you still don’t see the benefits, here are 5 ways to add value back to any business’s operations with warehousing:

1. Save Precious Real Estate

One of the more obvious benefits of warehousing is that you save real estate in your office supply closet. Nearly every brick and mortar has a dedicated closet cluttered with an overabundance of office supplies. On the other side of the spectrum, in a growing economy of freelancers, there often isn’t even a place to store items. If you’ve got a set of remote employees, chances are they may never step foot in the office, let alone the supply closet. While these employees won’t necessarily need a box of No. 2 pencils, you can always send them a welcome aboard gift along with any printed company documents.

No matter where on the spectrum you fall, warehousing eliminates the need to manually stock items. Add a warehoused item to your kit and send it to its desired office location or employee.

2. Share in Responsibility

In primary school, we were taught the rules of sharing, but some people are hesitant to take ownership of certain office tasks. Quite frequently, gathering inventory supplies and printed materials is one of them. Warehousing provides the unique ability to share the responsibility of inventory lists. You can select users on your corporate account to order warehouse items like a branded pen, highlighter, or stress ball. They can send warehoused items where they need to be, taking some of the responsibility off of your plate.

3. Automate Your Stock Inventories

Having responsibility of company branded items comes with a lot questions. What should be kept in stock at all times? How much of this item should be reordered? Inventory shortfalls and oversupplies are often a culmination of limited insight into these questions. Warehousing provides detailed inventories for your product planning needs and removes the need to manually update a supply spreadsheet.

You’ll be alerted when the supply of items drops and needs to be replenished. Likewise, if you’ve noticed that certain items aren’t being used up at the desired rate, then you may decide to warehouse a substitute item after downscaling.

4. Answer to Events and Shows

Tradeshows are prime opportunities to push your brand image forward. Just about every attendee looks forward to some freebies when they stop by your stand. The last thing anyone wants to do is to haul boxes of supplies to an event or show. With warehousing, you don’t need to worry over gathering, shipping and picking up items. Select the number of items you’ll need and have it sent directly to the venue.


5. Get Back Your Time

In case you haven’t noticed, everything discussed above all ties back to time. Time spent considering how to order, organise, gather, package, and ship items is time spent away from productivity. Since our main goal is to give you back your time, warehousing items with Mimeo provides confidence that you’ll always meet availability. No matter the purpose – be it an event, for customers or for onsite training – adding warehouse items to a kit simplifies your schedule while still distributing the exact representation of your brand.

Mimeo Marketing Team

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