6 Unique Events to Boost Your Sales and Attendance

Events are unique ways to attract attention to your business. Learn about 6 types of unique events to boost your presence and sales in a fun way.

Published on 22 August, 2017 | Last modified on 5 March, 2023
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There are all kinds of ways for attracting more customers to your business and attendees to your events. Here’s a list of ideas that you can use to boost your presence and sales in a fun and engaging way. Get together with your marketing team and have a proper brainstorm to see which ideas fit your corporation best.

1. Learn-a-New-Skill Events

If your clientele includes people who always strive to improve their skill set, events offering to broaden their talents have a powerful appeal.

Before planning the event, think about the skills that your current and potential clients would find relevant to their profession. Look for trainers or professionals that your audience admires or follows on social media.

From software skills to wine pairing to language learning, events that teach skills are always sought after by creative clients.

2. On-Site Travel Events

The appeal of the on-site travel event is that it takes your client base out of their normal routine and into somewhere exciting. Appeal to their need for change by creating the opportunity to explore new places.

Think about nearby destinations and go as your budget permits. Once on-site, you can also organize product-related activities, such as demonstrations and exhibits, in this new and attractive environment.

3. Family Events

Something that many professionals agree on is the lack of time for family and fun within corporate settings. If you want to appeal to them in a broader sense, why not create a family-fun day event?

It can be as simple as tickets to a local fair for all the attendees or something that you organize yourself with games and kid-friendly activities. Try to schedule these events during the day and at a time when the children will be home for school (i.e. late afternoons on a Friday) so that attendees are more relaxed and open to the idea.

six unique event planning ideas4. Networking Events

With networking events, the majority of your work is already done. Once you secure a conference room, catering and speakers, the attendees will do the rest of the work!

Networking events are great because you can use the event to highlight your business and products while allowing attendees to expand their professional networks.

With a networking event, you also have the chance to expand your own network and clientele base.

5. Philanthropy and Fundraising Events

If your business supports a charity, this is a great way to bring positive attention to your business setting and get your network of clientele involved in your passion.

Charity fundraising events also have the bonus of being very versatile. Anything that can raise money will — when done properly. Art exhibitions, theater tickets, plays, hospital visitations, afternoon barbecue events, or tea parties to which a portion of proceeds goes to charity will help make a positive difference while appealing to the philanthropic side of your audience.

6. Sports Events

Your guests who spend most of their time behind a desk may appreciate this change in routine and boost to their bodily health. Arrange marathons, plan adventure team games, organize a trip to the local park … the list is endless.

Tie in your sponsorship with noteworthy sporting and adventure companies, taking the mindset off of business and focusing on fun.

Follow our blog for more corporate ideas that you can use to make your events and businesses attractive and appealing.

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