The State of Mimeo’s Learning & Development Clients in 2016

Following our report with InSync Training, here is a look at the state of learning and development and how Mimeo clients responded.

Published on 19 July, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Mimeo Clients State of LD in 2016 External 1

Earlier this year, we teamed up with InSync Training to release the State of L&D 2016 report. Now we’ve done further analysis to take a look at how respondents who are customers of Mimeo stack up.

Some themes are aligned with the results of the general survey. 61% of Mimeo clients deliver internal training, compared with 70% of the general respondents. And 84% of our clients use blended learning techniques, which is only two points away from the 86% of general respondents who employ blended training.

That said, Mimeo clients stand out in some surprising ways. For example, a whopping 75% are on teams of fewer than 10 people (probably because they see the full advantage of our easy printing process). Only 57% use Learning Management Systems.

Check out the full details with this infographic:

Mimeo Clients State of Learning and Development in 2016 - External

Hear more about the State of L&D 2016 findings with this webinar, presented by Jennifer Hofmann (CEO, InSync Training) and Brad Thurber (VP of Talent Development, Mimeo).

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