The State of Mimeo’s Learning & Development Clients in 2016

Following our report with InSync Training, here is a look at the state of learning and development and how Mimeo clients responded.

Published on 19 July, 2016

Earlier this year, we teamed up with InSync Training to release the State of L&D 2016 report. Now we’ve done further analysis to take a look at how respondents who are customers of Mimeo stack up.

Some themes are aligned with the results of the general survey. 61% of Mimeo clients deliver internal training, compared with 70% of the general respondents. And 84% of our clients use blended learning techniques, which is only two points away from the 86% of general respondents who employ blended training.

That said, Mimeo clients stand out in some surprising ways. For example, a whopping 75% are on teams of fewer than 10 people (probably because they see the full advantage of our easy printing process). Only 57% use Learning Management Systems.

Check out the full details with this infographic:

Mimeo Clients State of Learning and Development in 2016 - External

Hear more about the State of L&D 2016 findings with this webinar, presented by Jennifer Hofmann (CEO, InSync Training) and Brad Thurber (VP of Talent Development, Mimeo).

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