Why Cloud-Based Printing and Content Services Are Critical

Cloud-based printing and e-content services might seem like novel concepts, but they are actually key to business success.

Published on 17 April, 2015 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Thanks to the cloud, people can now easily acquire any and all tools necessary to start a business. This means competition is tighter than it has ever been, and the smallest benefit could mean success over rivals. Nowadays, organizations need to think outside of the box, because every seemingly innovative solution has probably already been implemented in a competitor’s office.

However, business leaders don’t need a unique cloud service to meet their goals and solve issues. In fact, a major problem that needs a cloud-based solution is probably stacking up on your desk right now: paper.

Cloud-based printing and e-content services might seem like novel concepts, but in reality, it’s just innovation taking its course. After all, in an era when Amazon can deliver items within 24 hours and people browse through hundreds of movie titles in minutes, why would a business have the time to wait for standard printing services?

The demand is here
In highly competitive markets, customized content and documents are essential tools for attracting customers and educating employees. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive those critical supplies without taking a trip to the local printer? Google removed the need for driving altogether with its driver-less vehicle and Netflix empowered its viewers to be masters of their own domains – it’s pretty clear that technology really is the answer to everything. So, when it comes to printing and e-content services, throw it in the cloud like every other IT solution!

“Cloud-based printing combines the best aspects of both Netflix and Amazon.”

Look at the basics: Cloud-based printing takes the best parts of both Netflix and Amazon’s e-commerce delivery services and brings them to corporations around the country. The benefits of doing so are vast, and because not many companies are thinking outside of the box in this regard, it could be enough to separate you from the rest of the crop. Specifically, cloud printing and e-content services are extremely beneficial for data distribution and cost efficiency, especially considering that collaboration and budgets are two major problems that always need managing.

Putting paper in the cloud: Why businesses need e-content

Simple distribution
Other cloud services, such as Amazon Web Service, are about delivering resources or applications to employees and departments simply and efficiently. Many organizations are already reporting the benefits of improved content distribution tactics. According to eWEEK, 65 percent of businesses found that cloud services provide better access to data, while 69 percent noted that the productivity of their organizations increased.

Cloud-based printing is no different. Employees from regional offices can pick through options for brochures and content, then have their products delivered to their front doors within 24 hours. If digital documents are more your style, you can use e-content SaaS solutions to access and edit files via the Internet. Either way, no one needs to exert physical effort, which is sure to please workers.

Furthermore, the ability to access training documents, edit marketing materials and order content to be printed shatters the 9-to-5 barriers that always plagued enterprises. Those factors alone have an effect on corporate bottom lines, but cloud-based printing and e-content have far more to offer in regard to budgetary benefits.

Lower operational costs
The eWEEK article indicated that 63 percent of businesses experience savings when leveraging the cloud. Simply put, cloud-based printing services mean that companies no longer need cutting-edge printing hardware and software. Turning CapEx into OpEx is sure to make any CFO smile, but the savings are more complex than that.

Cloud services are a great way to reduce spending and pinch penniesCloud services are a great way to reduce spending and pinch pennies.

For example, organizations can receive higher quality materials quicker than before. This increases employee productivity, as well as ensures that customers are experiencing a brand in an optimal way. With happy staff members and satisfied consumers, any business can succeed.

Still, the biggest cost benefit comes from improved efficiencies when distributing critical content. Employees won’t need to navigate their way through complex email chains filled with attachments, or circumvent capability issues when transferring documents between operating systems and platforms. Staff members will know where files are, and if hard copies are required, they need only to press a button and wait. This is all opposed to trekking to a local printing shop, flipping through examples, waiting – maybe leaving and coming back – waiting some more, and then making the trip back to the office – if it’s still open.

Much like other cloud services, resource distribution and cost saving benefits can appear anywhere when leveraging e-content and cloud-based printing services. Now, it’s up to business leaders to implement this cloud solution.

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