New Mimeo Online Printing Feature: Announcing Print to Edge

Online printer Mimeo’s Print to Edge feature helps customers create great first impressions. Print to edge (or full bleed) on bound document covers!

Published on 24 May, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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by Heath Cajandig, Vice President, Product, Mimeo

This week we rolled out a new Mimeo feature that will benefit thousands of Mimeo Print customers as they build and distribute their content around the world. Our customers take great pride in the content they deliver. I’m excited about this new feature because it makes their documents look better. The covers of these documents are often the first impression that are made on our customers’ clients, employees, or partners.

Eric King, a Mimeo Print (and Mimeo Digital) customer, recently provided the best description I’ve ever heard of our platform:

“I don’t know how you wrap such a breadth of functionality into such a simple user interface. I’m in awe. It’s truly incredible.” – Eric King, President, The Modeling Agency

This new feature does exactly that!


The Release of Print to Edge

Mimeo Print’s new Print to Edge feature functions just like it sounds — it allows document covers to be easily printed to the edge, regardless of a customer’s design skills or the application used to create their content.

“I don’t know how you wrap such a breadth of functionality into such a simple user interface. I’m in awe. It’s truly incredible.”

On the surface, it seems quite simple. Print to Edge is now active on all customer accounts, enabling users to expand their covers (or “full-bleed” them, for print aficionados) on bound documents and view a proof of this in real-time.

For a variety of reasons, digital presses can’t print off the edge of a piece of paper. As a result, you may have noticed that many covers and other pages have a thin white border around the edges. This option to eliminate that white border is added to an already highly customizable document built to a customer’s exact specifications, from the cloud, on-demand, and delivered as quickly as overnight.

We wanted to make this as easy as possible for customers. We offer print to edge for booklets and brochures already but it requires the customer to make manual adjustments to setup the document. We knew we could make this easier, so we analyzed tens of thousands of documents ordered in the past and used what we learned to introduce technology and intelligence that makes selection as easy as “yes” or “no.” And, it is only available as an option when the customer’s files are setup to support it.

How Do You Determine Which New Features Will Be Added?

We provide customers with a very expansive offering, but at the same time do not want to create a customer experience that overwhelms and confuses.

If you were to walk into a restaurant and the menu had 5,000 items on it, you’d most likely be overwhelmed.

We only add features to the platform that we know will add value to our customers as opposed to creating unnecessary clutter.

If you were to walk into a restaurant and the menu had 5,000 items on it, you’d most likely be overwhelmed.

After speaking with countless customers and looking at particular use cases of this feature, we understood that we should make this a native feature of the platform, meaning that it would be preloaded onto every Mimeo Print account. It is translated into the virtual proof so users are able to ensure that their document is properly formatting with the correct spacing and resolution of the cover in which they intended to print to edge would be.

Our Future Roadmap

As Mimeo has grown from a beginning as a global technology company, my team’s roadmap has always been driven by creating technology that adds values to our customers and makes their experience quicker and easier.

When something so simple collectively saves so much time on a global scale, we’re not just differentiating ourselves as a partner in a B2B setting. We’re changing the way organizations build and distribute their content, making the transfer of knowledge through any medium (print, digital, or both hand in hand) effortless and indispensable for virtually any use case.

Mimeo customers are rightly proud of their content. I’m excited that our new Print to Edge makes it easy for our customers to make their content pop!

Heath Cajandig is Vice President, Product at Mimeo. With over 15 years of print industry experience, Heath has translated visions into award-winning products that delight users. His team shapes the technologies that give thousands of customers back their time by providing the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to print and distribute content.

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