The Importance of Updating Training Content

Mimeo’s report shows that trainers care about being able to easily update training content. Learn what technology makes updating content effortless.

Published on 15 June, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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In this fast-paced world, the ability to easily update training content is becoming increasingly important. A software trainer may need to update customer workbooks with an app upgrade; a compliance trainer may need to change the wording on slide 598 because of a new regulation in Washington; sometimes, you simply need to update the logo and tagline because of an organization-wide rebrand.

No matter what the changes are, more and more trainers care about finding a software that makes it easy to update content.

In our State of L&D 2017 report, we asked for each respondent’s top pain point with their learning management system (LMS). Last year, respondents ranked the difficulty in updating/revising content as their number 7 complaint, instead listing limited social learning and poor end-user experience as their top concerns.

In 2017, the difficulty in updating/revising content was the number 1 complaint with learning management systems, tied with limited tracking and reporting.

This surge reflects that as technology advances, trainers expect it to enable them to do their job better. And as many organizations move to an on-demand learning model with just-in-time learning, the employees and customers consuming the learning will expect their content to be up-to-date, not 5 years old.

That’s why we developed Mimeo Digital to make it easy to update content. With literally the click of a button, you can switch out an old file with a new version and immediately push it to your audience – without them even knowing their content has changed.

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