Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter for Recruiting

There are many innovative ways organizations are reaching out to talent, including Twitter! Use these tips to use Twitter for recruiting purposes.

Published on 22 May, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Twitter for Recruiting Purposes Expands Opportunity in Talent 1

The internet has countless platforms for reaching out to people, making it one of today’s most powerful recruitment tools. However, one effective web-based tool that recruiters often overlook is Twitter.

A social media network for short-form posts with over 319 million monthly active users, Twitter lets recruiters or potential employers interact with the talent they want to recruit. Communication through Twitter ensures that companies find the absolute best candidates for the job.

If you are interested in using Twitter for your recruitment efforts, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Create a Company Twitter and Post Openings

This might sound simple, but it’s the most important first step. Create a company Twitter profile and populate it with news and information that’s relevant to the company and your industry.

Then, when your company has job openings, use it to promote those openings with industry hashtags. Afterall, you can’t attract the right talent for an opening if they’re not aware of your organization.

Add Social Icons to Your Website and Email Campaigns

Employers are known to research the social media accounts of job candidates to ascertain if they’re an appropriate fit for the organization. Keep in mind that the same goes for those prospects about your company!

Use social media profiles as a recruitment tool and ensure that photos are up-to-date, branding is consistent across all channels, and any negative former employee or customer posts are either removed or handled in a professional manner.

Using Twitter for Recruiting Opens an Avenue to a Multitude of Candidates

Follow Potential Hires

Search relevant hashtags to find people who are tweeting about certain topics or industries — and if they look like they’re experts or like they might be a good candidate for a position at your company, follow them. You can build a relationship with that candidate by liking, responding to, and retweeting their tweets. Also, if the candidate sees that your company’s Twitter feed might be interesting, he or she may follow you back.

Retweet Job Postings Multiple Times of Day

Twitter moves fast. If you tweet about a position and someone isn’t online, they might miss it. For that reason, retweet each opening multiple times, and at different times of day. That way, you can catch the eye of the widest possible audience.

Vary Your Posts

To attract the attention of potential candidates, don’t just use your account to post openings. You can also post relevant and interesting industry news, as well as exciting things that your current employees are up to.

This will help paint your company as a thought leader and a good place to work, making it naturally attractive for people who are looking for new jobs.

If you are hoping to bring on the best possible talent to your company, you should use Twitter as a powerful tool. Not only does the platform have a wide reach, it’s also an effective mechanism for building a reputation as a company that people want to work for.

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