3 Takeaways on Improving Customer Experience

Read our VP of Acquisition’s top 3 tips for building a happier sales team that drives customer satisfaction and company growth.

Published on 7 January, 2021 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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The key to driving significant company growth is customer success. But customer satisfaction is only possible when you have a happy, fulfilled sales team.

Mimeo’s SVP of Acquisition, Mike McNary, recently spoke with the Sales Hacker podcast about how to drive growth through having a positive sales culture. He shared ways that Mimeo has restructured and reformed its sales team to ensure the best employee and customer experience, and you can, too.

Search for Creative Solutions to Keep Your People
Think outside of the box

When in the midst of a difficult period of time for businesses, explore creative solutions to difficult problems. Then, you can come up with solutions that are both employee- and company-centric.

“For us, that meant looking at our employee base, folks with a lot of tenure, skill, and historical contribution and saying, is there a role maybe that they could play in this interim period that means that we don’t have to part ways with them? That way, they still remain employed and can contribute to the overall mission. Find creative solutions if you can.”

Make sure and convey to the team that the future will be better. Don’t just say that things are eventually going to improve, and there will be opportunities some day. Instead, said McNary, “Go to extra lengths to be completely clear, honest, and transparent. ‘This is what we’re planning on doing. This is the reason for it.'”

Scrap Verticals for a Complete Restructuring
Specialization and segmentation

When asked how he transformed Mimeo’s sales organization and grew new business 40% year over year recently, McNary explained that “The major transition was this. We took what was a full sales cycle rep model and basically segmented it out. We built a world-class customer success organization, and that was the key.”

“By putting people in seats that align with their skillset and allowing them to specialize and focus on a mission, it impacted us all the way internally, all the way to the customer journey.”

Why the Customer Experience Grows Out of the Employee Experience

Mimeo is a people-first organization, one that puts both customers and employees first for an important reason—a great customer experience is dependent on having a happy, knowledgeable sales representative.

“If people don’t truly enjoy what they’re doing, those customer engagements are not going to be nearly as fulfilling or fruitful for the customer. Making sure that you have a healthy, happy, and truly invigorated and proud sales organization as a whole leads to great customer interactions. They know they’re working with somebody who loves their job.”

You can listen to the full Sales Hacker podcast episode, “Restructuring Customer Experience With Employee Experience With Mike McNary” here.

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