Where Does A CDP Fit Into Your TechStack?

If you need a secure content distribution platform for your training program, without all the disruption to your company’s existing technology or user-facing website, use a CDP.

Published on 4 November, 2022 | Last modified on 2 May, 2023
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Your CTO and their team are working hard to build and maintain a techstack that provides a seamless experience for your users, easily scales, and is cost effective. Asking them to integrate another piece of technology into their existing framework can be met with pushback, despite its benefits. 

As a training corporation, having the technology to safely and efficiently distribute content to your learners is key. Perhaps you’ve considered installing a digital rights manager (DRM) or learning management system (LMS) into your techstack. For a long time those, or a simple file sharing system, were your only options for content distribution. 

But there’s another option you may not have heard of yet, and it’s one your tech team will be happy to hear back. It’s called Mimeo Digital, a courseware distribution platform (CDP) that does not require a software install or IT assistance to get started. Cue the programmers’ cheers!

What is a CDP?

A courseware distribution platform is a secure training content delivery solution that companies use to get their content into the hands of their remote and/or hybrid learners. It’s a low cost, no-tech-integration platform that is specifically designed for use in virtual, instructor-led training (ILT) learning environments. 

Trainers can distribute training content to their digital learners without worrying about unauthorized access to their IP-protected information. They can set time limits for access, which learners can open from their browsers or mobile devices, with or without internet. 

Mimeo Digital is simple to sign up and get started — it boasts a quick start-up time and relieves your IT team from any interruptions to their workflow. 

How a CDP Stacks Up Against an LMS, DRM, and File Sharing

Expensive and complicated learning management systems, cloud-based file sharing, and digital rights management tools are no longer your only option for corporate training and secure digital document delivery. This chart shows how Mimeo Digital’s courseware distribution platform performs against the legacy digital training document distribution platforms that can be integrated into your techstack: 

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What Programmers Need to Know About Integrating a CDP Into Their Techstack

Nothing. The people building your beautiful, smooth-scaling website don’t need to worry about writing any more code to accommodate Mimeo Digital. Again, the CDP doesn’t require any software installation or IT assistance to begin distributing training content to your remote learners. 

Connect with Mimeo Digital to get a demo and see how our modern courseware distribution platform can modernize your training, with minimal effort to get started. 

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