6 Tips to Choose the Best Brochure Printing Service

Are you looking for an online brochure printing company? Here are 6 tips to help you evaluate your options and choose the best brochure printing service.

Published on 27 June, 2022 | Last modified on 9 March, 2023
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If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know the benefits of having printed brochures as a part of your marketing toolkit. In addition to their low cost and ability to supplement information to clients and potential customers, printed brochures can help break through the digital clutter and make your company stand out. 

It may seem easy to simply choose the first printing company that shows up in your Google search, but you may run into problems in the long run if you don’t do your research first. 

When choosing a brochure printer, there are more factors you need to take into account other than what’s within a five mile radius of your office. You need to think about timeliness of the work, transparent pricing, digital services available, and shipping. 

So when you’re ready to start printing brochures, here are six tips to consider before choosing the best brochure printing service for your job. 

Tip 1: Ensure The Printing Service Has Quick Turnarounds 

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As much as you’d like to have everything ready to go for your conference weeks in advance, sometimes that’s just not the case. Oftentimes it’s necessary to make changes to your content up until the night before, and you’ll need the best brochure printing service to handle those last minute prints for you. 

When choosing a printing service for your brochures, ask them about their turnaround times. Are they an on demand brochure printing service? Do they require an associate to make the changes for you before printing or can you handle changes yourself? What is the latest they are available to start printing if you need something by tomorrow? 

For example, Mimeo can accept orders up until 10pm the night before you need your brochures and still have them delivered by the next morning. You can make the changes yourself and view a digital proof before submitting, potentially saving you several hours of back-and-forth.

Tip 2: Don’t Get Roped Into Reaching an Order Minimum 

Printing services have evolved since the invention of the printing press — and their pricing and order minimums should have evolved, too. If a printing company requires an order minimum, particularly if it’s higher than you need, reconsider using them. 

Typically the price per unit goes down as the number of prints increases, but if you only need 50 copies you shouldn’t purchase 100 to reach a minimum. In the end, you’ll be paying more money for brochures that won’t get used. 

Tip 3: Ask About Their Sustainability Practices 

“Going green” is a phrase often written at the bottom of a company’s webpage, and many attribute their greenness to a lack of physical products. 

But did you know that it uses more energy to read and reread a brochure online than it does to print it once? Clients and prospects can actually help improve your impact by referring to your printed brochure multiple times versus visiting a web page repeatedly. 

The printing companies themselves can be sustainable by utilizing recycled materials and energy-efficient machines, too. Ask your printing service if they follow green initiatives, as well as their partners (if they outsource). 

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Printing Services Offering Digital Proofs

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Nothing slows down a printing job like having too many steps between choosing an online printing service and having your brochures in-hand. 

One way to speed up your brochure printing is to use online brochure printing services that offer digital proofs. 

The best brochure printing services have digital proof functionality, that will allow customers to see exactly what their brochures will look like, without having to print test samples first. Mimeo’s digital proofing service allows you to upload your brochure to its website and view a digital proof before finalizing your order. 

If a printing company doesn’t offer digital proofs, it could take days or even weeks to finalize your order. You’ll have to send an account manager your documents, let them set it up and print a sample, wait for the sample to arrive in your mailbox, send them any feedback, wait for the updated sample, and then approve. Eventually the final print job will be completed and shipped. 

In sales, you don’t always have weeks to spare. Ensuring your printing company offers digital proofs can save you precious time. 

Tip 5: Create an Account to Save Files and Edit for Future Prints

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Time is of the essence in this industry. You likely have multiple campaigns running at the same time or hundreds of clients on your outreach list that need attention.

That’s why working with an online brochure printing service that offers robust account tools is going to be a big time saver for your team. 

On Mimeo.com, users are able to create free accounts and upload all of their files — both print and digital — and easily manage them. You can save all of your files, print brochures on-demand as needed, and make edits for future prints. 

Being able to upload, design, save, and print without all the back-and-forth with an account representative can give you back time. Use that time to reach out to your pipeline, cultivate your relationships, and kickstart your campaigns. 

Tip 6: Choose The Best Brochure Printing Service That Ships For You

Any brochure printing company will package up your prints and mail it to you. Even smaller, local shops can handle delivery to your office. But the final trait to consider when choosing the best brochure printing service online is to select a company that will ship to your clients for you. All of them. 

Instead of shipping a big box of brochures to you, and then having you put each into an individual envelope before mailing them to each of your recipients, let your printing company do it for you. It will cut down the time it takes for your prospects to receive them and can cut down costs, as well. 

6 tips to choose the best brochure printing service

The Best Brochure Printing Services: The Bottom Line

Print marketing doesn’t need to be overly complicated or expensive. When choosing a printing service to handle your brochures (or any other printed materials), ensure they will make creating, printing, and shipping your brochures as easy as possible. 

If you don’t know what service to print 3 fold brochures with, consider using Mimeo. Mimeo is an expert in business printing and digital documents, so all of your marketing materials can be handled in a single, user-friendly location. 

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