Top Benefits of Printing Brochures

Brochures serve a variety of purposes, from print marketing materials to sales assets. Learn how brochures are used to break through digital noise.

Published on 30 December, 2019 | Last modified on 3 March, 2023
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If you run a small business, then you should be thinking about the best way to market your products and services without going over budget. One of the best ways to accomplish this feat is to start printing brochures for your business.

Brochures may seem like an old method of information distribution, but their longevity speaks to their effectiveness. Printing brochures that emphasize the benefits and efficiencies of your business can serve a variety of purposes, from marketing to sales assets and beyond.

Brochures also offer an advantage over the competition of digital marketing. According to Design Hill, “It has even become tougher to grab the customers’ attention as either they’re turning away from their screens or choosing some other brands over yours. In such a case, marketing brochures turn out to be the best marketing tool.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at why you should be printing brochures:

Stand Out from Competition

Despite the overall effectiveness of digital marketing, there is now a higher likelihood of your material getting lost in a recipient’s inbox. To stand out from the competition of digital marketing, start producing print materials like brochures for your audience.

In the last few years, companies have started leaning towards print mediums in an effort to reach more customers. Using tactics like direct mail, as well as handing out print materials at trade shows and events, you can gain assets that supplement digital campaigns. Start taking a blended approach that allows you to communicate with existing customers and target new prospects.

This way, your business can create situations that add more value in your messaging.

Information Supplements

Printed Brochures essentially function asa spotlight for your company. Whether they are handed out at trade shows or placed carefully in your lobby, brochures provide a handful of panels dedicated solely to your company’s collateral.

Printing brochures as informational guides can serve as supplements to larger marketing campaigns. This is a considerable strength when it comes to marketing your business.

In a saturated market, print materials provide your business with unique content for your customers to enjoy. According to CIO, ad competition is on the rise, which makes brochures a distraction-free space for your audience to familiarize themselves with your business.

Printing Brochures, Two people making notes on a printed brochure

Printing Brochures for Clients

Beyond marketing, brochures are a major asset when it comes to presentations. A well-designed brochure can be the perfect visual sidekick to a long presentation – especially during a first-time meeting.

A professional brochure tells the client that you have come ready to pitch, introduce your team, and provide a refresher on your offerings.

As with any print document, brochures have a lasting power unlike other assets. Although a well-designed video can catch a client’s eye and a stellar digital presentation will be sure to leave an impression, a brochure will allow clients and audience members to leave your meeting with information about your products and services.

They may even pass your brochures along to others who require the same services to add some more outreach at a low cost.

Low- Cost Brochure Printing

Finally, brochures are an affordable way to target low-cost outreach efforts. Printing brochures in bulk allows you to save on print costs, while producing additional copies will develop a higher impact on your campaigns.

Using a variety of Mimeo paper stocks, you can produce a professional brochure with a range of finishing sizes and gloss coating options to impress any and all clients.

Our ability to provide quality short-run or large quantity jobs through our print on demand service makes us an industry leader for when it comes to brochure needs. Now that you’ve seen the benefits of brochures, why not get started with printing your own today?

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